Get to Know about the Top 5 Computer Companies


In the current era, people are highly dependent on technological devices. It is impossible to conduct smooth business practices without the presence of digital gadgets. Digital devices like mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. have received an immense amount of limelight since the 21st century.

Computers are used in every nook and corner of the country. The life of a common man would be hollow without computers. Digital technology has made human beings dependable. With great data storing capabilities, computers have become a necessity.

People store a large volume of data on computers. Storing data in computers makes information retrieval easy and smooth. They can send and connect with the people residing across the globe. The introduction of the New Economic Policy in 1991 has compelled people to buy one of the best computers to connect with the global audience anytime.

Why are computers important?

 The electronic device has flawless features. It caters to the needs and necessities of the common man. The computer user has to be techno-savvy to complete tasks in less time. One needs a computer to carry out tasks accurately, securely, and instantly. If there were no computers, the manual work would take years to complete.

With the increase in the number of computer manufacturers, the competition has become tough. The computer belonging to every brand has numerous positive and negative points. Nevertheless, the operating system and the working system of all the computers remain the same.

The aspects that distinguish one computer from the rest are accuracy, speed, memory storage, versatility, reliability, efficiency, and multitasking power. It is noticed that people purchase a computer from the top 5 computer companies.

Which are the Top 5 computer Companies in current times?


If one considers the market share, Lenovo is the number one computer company. Lenovo offers a wide range of computer devices such as notepads, sleeker, desktops, notebooks, etc. The processor, display size, storage, connectivity, graphics, web cameras, memory hard disk take the purchaser by storm. The company never leaves a place for complaints.


The full name of HP is Hewlett Packard. It is an American company based in California. HP printers and digital devices have received immense popularity across the world. What makes Hp stand tall is the durability and reliability of the device. The development of computers is comprehensive and progressive. The impressive specifications such as inter-core processor, storage, warranty period, graphics grab large eyeballs.


The gaming devices of dell are exceptional as compared to other gaming devices. With a long-lasting community activity, Dell has managed to survive in the intense computer selling competition. The price range and the processing abilities of the computer leave people in awe. It is known for its smooth performance and instant processing abilities.


It is a company that is known for its high pricing policy. The glossy screens, dual inter-core processors, sleek body, and attractive appearance attract people across the globe. It is indeed true that people cannot afford the computers but the specifications and the operating system of the company cannot be compared with the rest of the computer dealing companies.  


With immense struggle and hard work, Acer has made it to the top 5 positions of the best computer companies. It has good values and a wide range of laptops and computers. The attractive feature of the Acer computers is the pricing policy. It fits into the budget of a middle-class person and caters to the needs of the same.

Thus, it is recommended to choose a computer wisely and make the best purchasing decision ever.