Top 5 Vape Mods Available in Market 


The vaping industry is growing daily, and as it grows, new devices are also coming into the market. However, one of the vape kits that is shaping the market and vaping industry is the vape mods. Vape lovers know that vape mods are some of the ultimate vape devices due to their unique features and performance. They have improved features such as voltage, wattage, and settings that make them unique compared to others.  

Due to their wide availability, sometimes the selection can be a challenge, especially for an overcrowded market with all product features hyped. Here are some vape mods you can try to save you the burden of research and selection criteria.  

Hyde rechargeable vape 

The Hyde rechargeable vapes are popular due to various features. They are available in 16 different flavors; hence, you can easily select your favorite flavors. It has a cylindrical design which provides an excellent grip when vaping. Depending on how long you vape and your vaping behavior, it can last for over four days on one charging round.  

It requires no refilling; neither do you need maintenance, making it ideal for amateurs desiring to vape some of their favorite flavors. It has the best airflow system, ideal for vape tricks and generating dense vape clouds. It has an LED light system which you can turn on and off to conserve the battery. Once you shop rechargeable Hyde vape, you can also enjoy 4500 puffs without worrying about the status of your battery which is rechargeable. 

Vaporesso LUXE 220W Starter Kit 

If you are new to vaping and desire thick clouds, this is one of the vape mods you should consider. It has numerous features that make it appealing and user-friendly. These features include an attractive finish which makes it aesthetically pleasing. 

The mod has a touch screen, making it easier to operate, and you can easily monitor the juice and the power levels. The insta-fire features make it easier to light, and you can begin vaping immediately. It has a shorter charging duration of about 1.5 hours which is shorter than other mods that may require four to five hours. It is available in different color ranges to meet your needs. 

It has various protective features to protect you as you vape, and the new quad airflow system makes it idle for increased cloud production by ensuring complete combustion. The airflow facilitates increased air intake and flows essential for generating big and dense vapor clouds. Besides the clouds, the adaptive resistance range enables you to perform various vape tricks even if you are an amateur

It is ideal for pro vapers who desire powerful throat hits to feel the full impact of vaping. It has a high wattage and a higher battery life, meaning you can use it for heavy-duty vaping for events such as vape parties. It comes with an interactive screen that can show you battery capacity, fluid levels, voltage, resistance, and many more details.  


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Despite their heavy-duty performance, they are relatively light and available in different options and designs based on your needs. They all come with a leather backing as a safety feature against heating; hence you can vape longer and not worry about the mod getting hot. The leather finish also gives it a classy design that most pro vapers desire. The heavy-duty features also contribute to steady and consistent vaping. 

Geekvape Aegis L200 

The mod Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 is an upgrade of the previous Geekvape Aegis mods. The mod is certified as shock, heat, and water resistance; hence you can vape in any environment and weather conditions without worries about damaging the device. These features and performance capabilities make it one of the most durable vape mods.   

Compared to its predecessors, it has a large screen, accommodates type C charging systems, and is lighter. It is also available in over ten different colors giving you a wide section. Unlike other vape mods, it does not light instantly or within a shorter duration; however, its output and wattage are enormous and can be suitable for different types of vape juices.  

It generates intense power capabilities from two external batteries, which generate up to 200W. Its only disadvantage is that it requires external batteries to power the mod; however, you can vape for many hours without worrying about battery outages.  

Innokin Proton Mini 

This mod is popular because of the looks and the design. It comes with a TFT display screen powered by an internal battery. The aesthetic value is also due to the adjacent buttons necessary for operating the device and simplifying navigation. This mod has a battery capacity of 3400mAh that generates about 120w making it ideal for vaping many vape juices.  

The battery capacity and wattage are slightly lower than other devices on this list, but they will enable you to vape comfortably. It charges faster and can last you longer when vaping. Instead of the power button, it has a firing bar; hence you only need to squeeze it to begin vaping.  


These are some of the best vape mods in the market; however, you can get more with different features to meet your needs. All you need to do is consider wattage, battery capacity, and other performance features.