Information You Must Have About Weight Gain Pills

Weight Gain Pills

Where 90% of the world is struggling to become slim and trim; there are some who want to add chubbiness or muscle strength to their body. Yes, there are many who are looking for alternatives for gaining weight. There are always unhealthy and healthy options for anything. The same is with this case. Building a more muscular physique, increasing strength, returning to a healthy weight can be achieved with the help of weight gain pills.

Weight gain pills are OTC medications and supplements that are prescribed by a physician. Here, OTC means over-the-counter. The products that are labeled OTC are not backed by scientific evidence and are unregulated. It is always recommended to talk to a doctor before deciding to use weight gain pills. Give a direction to your curiosity by discussing it with your healthcare provider.

What’s There in the Medication?

The main component of prescription medication for weight gain includes anabolic steroids. Most of the shopkeepers provide steroid medication in cases of significant weight loss, being underweight due to many diseases like cancer, etc.

Yes, it can be seen that athletes and bodybuilders, in order to enhance athletic performance, use prescribed drugs illegally. These drugs can also result in gaining more muscles in a lesser amount of time as compared to trying it only with exercise and a normal diet. But if these drugs containing anabolic steroids are taken inappropriately then multiple health risks can be the consequences. So, all these types of medications must be taken under the care of a physician.

How To Lose Excess Body Weight

How Weight Gain Pills Can Be Dangerous?

With inappropriate use of anabolic steroids present in the weight gain pills, there can be some serious side effects as well. Some of the involved consequences to body organs are delusions, extreme irritability, enlarged heart, and impaired judgment. Moreover, these pills can also result in kidney problems, liver damage, mood swings, increased facial hair, breast development in males. Yeah, these are very scary. But the list doesn’t end here. The side effects also include shrinking testicles, irregular or no menstrual cycle, prostate cancer, and stunted growth.

The risks are multiple but still, there are some weight gain pills that most of the doctors have prescribed in some selected cases. These are as follow-

a. Oxandrolone: it is also known as Anavar. It is an anabolic steroid primarily used for weight gain promotion in patients who lost their weight after chronic infection, extensive surgery, severe trauma. Oxandrolone can also be used as a part of hormone replacement therapy in case of low testosterone levels.

b. Methyltestosterone: It is an illegal drug but athletes might use it to boost testosterone levels, increase muscle mass, put on weight, and increase strength. Mostly this anabolic steroid is used by those having androgen deficiency.

c. Oxymetholone: Being primarily used by patients who suffered from a debilitating disease, this synthetic hormone is also an anabolic steroid. The usage and prescription of the drug also depend on the patient’s condition. Some of them who want to recover from extensive surgery, severe trauma, and chronic infection are also recommended the same. The main purpose of it is also to push the weight gain process of the body.

A Guide to Getting in Shape

Trying To Gain Weight Naturally

Nature is our best friend. It doesn’t harm us until we don’t play with it. If we keep things natural and invite the magic of nature into our life, we can draw amazing results. Similarly, choosing the natural weight in a safer, evidence-backed, and healthy way is the best. Adding calorie-dense food to reach the desired number on the weighing scale is one of the most natural methods. Having a healthy diet and adding healthy calories can solve the purpose. You can work with a professional and experienced dietician and discuss your requirements in detail.

Moreover, for muscle strength, why not hit the gym for one more hour? Adjust the types of exercises you are doing and the number of sets you should be taking. Shaking hands with a sincere gym trainer will save you from many risks of taking weight gain pills.

Having patience is the key. Doing it with proper planning can give better results.

Don’t rush and ‘wait’ for the needed ‘weight.’ All the best!