Top 7 Licensed Moneylenders for Foreigners in Singapore

Top 7 Licensed Moneylenders for Foreigners in Singapore

The next thing after deciding the type of loan you need is – choosing the best option to get the loan in Singapore.

Believe it or not, considering banks to get the loan is not the right option.  It is because of the reason that usually, banks take a lot of time in completing the loan process- approval, application to disbursement is all it takes.

And, not everyone in favor of waiting for long!!

So, here, the licensed moneylenders came as a rescue. Yes, you heard me right!! The best thing about the moneylender is that they provide quick loans with the agile process of approval.

Usually, most think that the moneylenders are the same as the loan sharks, however, it is not true all the time. The Singapore Ministry of Law (MinLaw) regulates and monitors every licensed money lender.  Any of them violating any of the terms of law and regulation becomes responsible for their license revoked.  Consequently, there is no chance of fraud and deception. 

Taking this into consideration, here we are giving you the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Go through them and pick the one that fits perfectly in your needs. 

To ensure that every chosen moneylender is the reliable one, we have checked:

  • The number of positive feedback on the leading websites.
  • Their licenses are not revoked by the ministry of law.
  • They own several years of experience.

Note: One piece of advice here is that not all licensed money lenders in Singapore have the same set of guidelines (terms and conditions). Usually, it varies, hence, it is best to go through their repayment conditions and terms, policies, before you fill the loan application form. So,  without any further ado, let’s get started!!

Best Moneylenders in Singapore 

1. Lending Bee Pte. Ltd.

Known as one of the leading and popular money lenders in Singapore, Lending bee provides the most suitable credit options to each of its customers. They consider loans as more attainable and less bureaucratic.  To date, it has assisted not less than thousands of Singaporeans with different loans so that they can solve their emergencies or commence their business without any delay. 

Their focus lies on fulfilling all the requirements of customers with legal and ethical personalized loans.  The best part is that Lending Bee offers several possibilities that help in shunning away all the financial difficulties, hence, results in painless and quick credits.  Being a customer-oriented company, it values simplicity, and transparency and assures innovative financial solutions. The lending bee has perceptive online systems and the online application forms to check the application status. 

2. Cash Direct Pte. Ltd.

To get the personal loan in Singapore, Cash Direct Pte. the best licensed money lender in Singapore for foreigners. It has a license from the ministry of the Law, hence, the money lends in a legal way.  It fulfills the requirements of every user and gives 100% effort and time.

The other reason to choose Cash Direct Pte. Ltd. is that it assures transparency in every process of loan approval; also, it provides the personalized packages to guarantee that every demand of its potential customer is intact.  This money lending company attains the low-interest rates as compared to others. It has compliant repayment options that make it easy for the customers to repay the loan amount easily at affordable sums. 

Its portfolio has shown that it has a diverse type of customers,  who want to buy apartments, pay the school taxes, and those who require quick cash for urgent repairs.  Its loan application process is easy and simple, the customer can apply from the online portal at any time.  To get the fastest assistance, get in touch with them today!!

3. 1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. 

Holding the best testimonials from the existing and pleased customers, the 1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. is the licensed and professional money lending company in Singapore.  This company has several credit options in its pocket, from Education, Business, renovation, to personal loans, it has all. 

Its best experts personalized the loans according to the customer’s requirements. Also, the 1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. provides the credit options for the business owners, nonnatives, and residents, etc. 

Holding every basic and advanced knowledge of the Singapore financial market, this money lender in Singapore for foreigners assures the satisfied and high-quality service. So, if you need a fast yet best loan solution, then, visit  1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. now!!

4. Horison Credit Pte. Ltd.

In the list of the best money lenders in Singapore for foreigners, the Horison Credit Pte. Ltd. has also made its place.  As it has owns the experience in satisfying the customers and providing personalized loan solutions, it gives reliable and quick cash options.  

When the people need the solution of their financial issues and need the fund on an urgent basis then, Horison Credit Pte. Ltd. is there for them.  This money lending firm in Singapore follows every legal requirement given by the ministry of law and recognizes the guidelines of repayment options and interest rates.  

The main thing that lets customers choose it is that it takes less time in processing, they possess debt consolidation and have easy eligibility criteria.  So, to have a  correct and transparent experience, choose Horison Credit Pte. Ltd.

5. Katong Credit Pte. Ltd.

Because of the impeccable records of customer satisfaction, the Katong Credit Pte. Ltd. has become one of the reliable and trustworthy moneylender company in Singapore.  Even with different tastes and backgrounds of customers, this company never fails to delight them. All are known to the fact that in Singapore, a good credit score is necessary to have an instant loan. If you do not have, then, the banks can reject the loan application.

Katong Credit Pte. Ltd. is here to assist you in that as well. It helps even those that have a poor credit score and also, give you the cash at a fast pace. 

This lending company provides many benefits, such as personalized loan options, quick processing of the loan application, etc.  Those from different countries can also fulfill their eligibility criteria easily. 

Also, if you are unable to fit into the Singapore high prices, then, choose Katong Credit Pte. Ltd. now and get a loan immediately!!

6. Credit Master Pte. Ltd.

The Credit Master Pte. Ltd. is the one and best money lending firm in Singapore.  It fulfills all the guidelines of the Ministry of Law Legal License and has shown an instant ascent in the money market; it is assured by its best reviews it accumulates.  The Credit Master Pte. Ltd. has intuitive money lending options and user-friendly services.  

The experience it has in the competitive market has revealed that it gives immediate access to the loans conveniently and totally, eradicates the hassles as the banks present to the customers while taking loans.  Majorly, it gets customers from third-party referrals as it has an aura of trustworthiness and loyalty.  So, to get high-quality financial solutions quickly, choose the Credit Master now!!

7. BST Credit Pte. Ltd.

The full abbreviation of BST  is Begin with Service and trust.  These words itself speak what this money lending company is capable of.   It provides the loan to all the Singaporeans, even, if they are, nonnative workers, citizens, and permanent residents. 

This money lending company understands the issue that at some point, everyone faces the issue of finances.  And hence, they need quick access to money to get rid of all the financial emergencies. 

Assuredly, it fulfills all the guidelines of the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore.  Those who are looking for the company that assures high-quality assistance, then, they must go with BST.

Wrapping Up

We have given you the list of the leading money lenders in Singapore. Now, your job is to get the one according to your financial requirements. Go through one by one and choose wisely!!