Top 7 Locations With Highest Rental Yields In Dubai

    Top 7 Locations With Highest Rental Yields In Dubai

    Investors are always looking for prime opportunities to get higher returns. Be it a stock investment, a business investment, or a property investment; their ultimate goal is a high return. Well, talking about real estate investment, a location could have an enormous effect. Dubai is a prime location where investors can enjoy high rental yields. With numerous investor-friendly locations, the city always attracts great real estate investors. This article will highlight some of the destinations that could offer the highest rental yields to investors in Dubai. Go through it if you are interested in putting your funds here.

    Best Locations for Real Estate Investment in Dubai:

    Dubai is home to numerous luxurious residential communities, with residents all around the world. Every location comes with its unique advantages to the residents and the investors alike. Talking from an investor’s perspective, a place that offers the highest rental yields would be the best. Following is a list of such locations. Walk with us to know!

    Culture Village:

    Dubai is not only famous for its widespread deserts; the place is also well-known for its unique architecture. Art and engineering show themselves when you look at the Culture village in Dubai. Owing to its unique Arabic heritage architectural designs, the place stands out from the rest of the city.

    The Culture village is still open to developmental projects like Palazzo Versace, D1 Tower, and Dubai Wharf. The residential and commercial zones are diverse here, attracting assorted residents. Being an investor, you can earn an annual rental yield of 6.54%, which is quite high.

    Jumeirah Village Circle:

    Have you ever dreamt of owning a luxurious house in tranquil surroundings? The Jumeirah Village Circle is the place that can offer you such a house. Located in the heart of new Dubai, the place attracts residents from different corners. JVC is home to various sprawling villas and luxurious apartments.

    Being an investor, your income graph can go up here. JVC currently offers the highest rental yields in Dubai (7.84%). If you consider buying an apartment here, you should look at apartments for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle.

    Emirates Living:

    Investors with adventurous souls are always looking for a place with natural beauty. Despite being a desert sack, Dubai still has places that attract such investors. Emirates living comes with master development and architectural designs. The place consists of the following residential sub-developments.

    • The Lakes
    • The Springs
    • The Meadows
    • Emirates Hills

    Apart from these stunning landscape features, Emirates living also poses a potential opportunity for investors. The community offers attractive rental yields to owners. Being an investor, you can earn up to 6.45% annual rental income.

    Dubai Marina:

    In UAE, Dubai will never disappoint its residents and investors with its localities. Dubai Marina is a place well-suited for young couples. The upscale waterfront community offers cosmopolitan features to its residents.

    The place is equally beneficial for real estate investors who wish to buy a house and rent it out. The community, with all-inclusive luxurious life features, offers high rental incomes to investors. The average annual rental yield here is 6.16%.

    Jumeriah Beach Residence:

    Dubai is the best spot for single-phase residential and commercial projects. One such spot that attracts residents is the Jumeirah beach residence. The place provides a stunning view with a beachfront, consisting of 40 tall towers with six clusters.

    The resort lifestyle place is also an attractive bait for real estate investors. With several hidden investments and earning opportunities, the Jumeriah beach residence cannot be overlooked. Property owners at JBR are enjoying an annual rental return of 5.88%.

    Jumeirah Lake Towers:

    The Jumeirah towers are 79 in number, built along the edge of the artificial lakes. The place provides a community part of new Dubai and is ideal for young couples. As a resident, you can find numerous dining options to enjoy with friends and family.

    When spoken of from an investor’s perspective, the JLT is a great option for real estate investment. Investors can maximize their rental returns in a luxury community up to 7.69%. Do you want to purchase property and rent it out? Have a look at apartments for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle!

    Business Bay:

    Dubai is considered an international business hub for quite a few reasons. One of these is the establishment of Business Bay, which has attracted numerous entrepreneurs and investors. With many supermarkets, shopping malls, and dining options, the place never disappoints its visitors.

    Investors are earning higher returns on their investments here. The annual rental yield at Business Bay is 5.79%. Consider investing your funds here for sweet returns.

    Go for a Secure Real Estate Investment with Property Professionals!

    Putting your funds in real estate is a risky decision. You are not sure whether the investment will bring you an advantage. To make your funds secure, consider consulting with professional property dealers!