8 Mysterious Places In India To Visit In 2021

Mysterious Places
Mysterious Places In India

Mystery and thrill go hand-in-hand and for multiple travellers, there is a noticeable allure to darkness. Certainly, when it comes to choosing places to visit, areas with mysterious happenings and rich stories captivate visitors. 

In India especially, with centuries of history and a penchant for spiritualism, interesting locations are plentiful. If you want to have an exciting experience and enjoy such stories, going to the old-school spots and ruins are a good choice. Feel the awe as you learn about the local legends after reaching the spots, and create unforgettable memories. 

1.Khooni Nadi, Rohini, Delhi

Literally translated as the “bloody river”, this area in Delhi is one of the most mysterious and dangerous spots in India. You would hear many stories of people who fall into the waters and never resurface again. There have been many cases where even the corpses of the fallen bodies have never come up. 

While sceptics do not believe this to have any paranormal reasoning, it still is an unexplained mystery many locals and visitors wonder about. No matter your personal opinion on the matter, you would have a safer experience if you refrain from dipping into these waters.  Check out the Thrillophilia reviews for more information on this topic. 

2.Hanging Pillar, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh 

One of the age-old mysteries in India is the Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh. The spot itself is a famous location for old-school architecture, crafts, and paintings from the Vijayanagara Temple. However, what attracts a major audience is the floating pillar in the Lord Shiva temple. 

There are around 70 pillars that hold the structure of this historical building. Yet, one of them stays hanging mid-air and virtually has no support. This architectural anomaly baffles the public. Certainly, a place you should add to your list, for the history, beautiful crafts, and this one mysterious pillar.

3.Lake of Skeletons, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Another of the most unusual destinations in India is the Lake of Skeletons in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. The glacier lake in this place is the middle of an uninhabited and hard-to-get-to part of the Himalayas. It is easily one of the most dangerous areas, too. 

However, what attracts the attention of most people is not the lake itself at 16,500 feet but what lies underneath. More specifically, the skeletal remains of approximately 300-600 people. The spooky thing is that the skeletons are almost visible through the frozen layer. 

Archaeologists surmise after many forensic and radiocarbon analyses that the skeletons date back to the 15th century CE. 

4.Kuldhara ghost town, Rajasthan 

When you read the Thrillophilia reviews and similar pieces on Rajasthan, you would find information about many interesting and old-school places. But the abandoned village, Kuldhara, is easily one of the most mysterious areas available here. 

You can visit this ghost town with camping gear and on motorbikes, and view the ruins of the generations-past village. There is a lot of paranormal talk about the area. 

The locals believe there is a curse at play that stops others from living in the village ever since. 

5.Immortal Flame, Jwala Ji Temple, Kangra 

When you reach the Kangra district at the foothills of the Himalayas, you can visit the Jwala Ji Temple. This holy shrine is one of the many in India. 

However, what sets it apart is the central pit inside of a hollowed stone in its interior. In this spot, there is a flame that dates back to a century or more. Indeed, the flame has been burning for a long time without any manual kindling or manual interference. 

There is a theory that the area has methane and similar natural gases underneath the temple that powers the flame. 

6.Drowning Church, Shettihalli 

Unlike the many other spooky spots in this list, this mysterious spot is not scary. Instead, those who visit state it has an overall calming ambience. The abandoned church ruins sit in the middle of a water body that gives in a floating or drowning appearance. 

It was built centuries ago and has been left in ruins since the 1960s. Given the fact that the country is predominantly Hindu, most believe that to be the reason for this ruin. 

However, the area is peaceful and visually stunning, so it draws in many visitors. 

7.Town of Twins, Kodinhi, Kerala

Speaking of mysterious locations in India, a notable mention is the Town of Twins in Kerala. As the name hints, this village has a huge number of twin births in most of the local families. 

The appeal to unearth the reason for this had caught many scientists. In fact, one international science group had tried to investigate why the village has over 500 twin children.

Some have guessed that there is a chemical present in the local water that is causing this mysterious occurrence since 1949. However, most scientists and doctors have found this theory inconclusive. 

8.Whispers of the Dead, Dumas Beach, Gujarat

One of the most interesting places to visit in India is Dumas Beach in Gujarat. This place is known as the Whispers of the Dead because several people have admitted that they heard voices as they walked down the beach. However, there were no sources of those voices, which adds to the spooky feeling. 

In fact, disappearances have occurred in the area as well. The common theory here is that the beach was a Hindu burial ground at one point. So, the voices are the whispers of their spirits. 


For a fun and interesting trip to India, you should give these places a visit. Some of them are hard to get to because of geographical and governmental reasons. Still, you should take the right precautions and measures when you go to see the areas.