Training For Transportation Of Dangerous Goods In Canada

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Training is a must requirement if the products that must be transported meet the definition for dangerous goods according to Canada’s transportation of dangerous goods [TDG] act and regulations. The training is to be undertaken before the goods are handled by the employee. The training can be circumvented if the employee is already under direct supervision by TDG certified personnel or if he or she is exempted.

According to the TDG act, handling of a dangerous good is defined as handling indicates unloading, loading, unpacking, or packing of dangerous goods in containment for transportation. This involves storing them for the course of transportation only. Remember to always check the TFG act and regulations to make sure that there is compliance.

Type of training provided

People who are responsible for transporting dangerous goods must be trained as per the requirements of part 6 of TDG regulations. Alternatively, they do not need to be trained if they are operating under the direct supervision of a trained person who has been issued a training certificate. Another requirement that is applied here is that a person who has already been adequately trained and will be performing the duties for which he or she has been trained must have a valid training certificate according to the TDG regulations.

Training standard

So far, Transport Canada has not specifically issued any training required in terms of handling dangerous goods. It is left to the employers to determine the type of training their employees need and approve the training course or program. However, Transport Canada has definitely published a TDG bulletin titled TDG training to assist the employers in understanding the type of training that their employees might benefit from. This transportation of dangerous goods online course can easily be undertaken by the employee, and they can get a valid certificate.

Training of employees

According to the directorate, there is a list of organizations that provide transportation of dangerous goods certificate Canada. None of these courses have been certified or examined by the TDG directorate. These courses are offered by external trainers. It is up to the employer to select a trainer for the training of his or her employees.

Training certificate

The training certificate, which indicates that the person has been trained in the handle and transport of dangerous goods, is issued by the employer. The training certificate must be issued by employer once they are sure that their employees have received an adequate amount of training.

What to do in the case of a self-employed contractor?

Self-employed contractors are allowed to issue their own certificates. The aim of the certificate issued demonstrates that the person knows how to properly handle as well as transport dangerous goods.