What to do When Facing a Venomous Snake

Venomous Snake

The Sunshine Coast, and Australia as a whole, is known for their resident snake population – many of which are highly venomous. The common death adder and red-bellied black snake are just two of some of the most venomous snake species known on the planet, and can also be found locally on the Sunshine Coast.

Encountering a snake can be extremely frightening. Most people do now know how to identify a snake and even fewer know how to differentiate between venomous and non-venomous species. This makes coming across a snake very stressful.

Being prepared is the first step – what else can you do when facing a venomous snake? Find out below! 

Preparing for a Snake Encounter

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, you are more likely to encounter some kind of snake at least once. The Sunshine Coast snake population has been known to enter homes, gardens, and even businesses in their search for food and shelter – often unbeknown to the residents of the home or business they’ve just entered. 

Some snakes are so well camouflaged that spotting them is nearly impossible, but stepping on them is almost a guarantee. Knowing how to deal with these situations beforehand can potentially save you a terribly painful bite, or worse! 

You’ve Just Come Across a Snake – Now What?

If you happen to come across a snake, here are some steps to take to avoid getting bitten or envenomed.

1) Keep Calm

The first thing any person should do when coming across a potentially venomous snake is to keep calm. This can be difficult depending on how you feel about snakes, but panicked movements will only make the situation worse. 

If the snake was not aware of your presence before, it most likely will be now that you’ve made all that ruckus! 

2) Give it Room

Do not try and approach the snake if at all possible. Snakes are very sensitive creatures and attempting to handle them could result in an attack! Simply back away slowly; again keeping as calm as possible and giving the snake space. 

Keep children and pets well away from the snake to avoid them getting bitten or hurt. Maintain a close watch on where the snake moves to, however, as losing sight of it will only guarantee its continued presence in your home.

3) Call for Help

If the snake is inside your home or business, call a professional immediately to come and remove it. Organisations and local businesses like Snake Rescue Sunny Coast provide 24/7 assistance and can safely capture and relocate the snake.

If you have an emergency on your hands, dial triple zero (000) to get immediate assistance from emergency services. Venomous snake bites are extremely dangerous and require proper medical attention as soon as possible.

4) Get Medical Attention

Even if the snake only nips at your skin, this could still be potentially dangerous – venom can travel through the bloodstream very quickly if left untreated. Seek medical care even if there are no obvious signs of envenomation, just to be safe! This applies especially to bites that occur on the hands or feet.

Advice for Red-Bellied Black Snakes

If you come across a red-bellied black snake while it is stretched out, try to avoid it. This species of snake is known for snapping aggressively if they feel threatened, so back away slowly and give the snake some space. If the situation changes and safety becomes an issue – such as if the snake begins winding itself up to strike – move far away immediately! 

Advice for Death Adders

The death adder has earned its name due to its fatal bite. When around these snakes, remain very still. They will often begin searching for food by poking their head into holes or along logs before attempting to strike – stay aware of your surroundings so you can remove yourself from harm’s way in time. If bitten, get help immediately.

Advice for Eastern Brown Snakes

When around brown snakes, stay motionless if possible. Chances are the snake will not be aware of your presence unless it feels threatened or cornered. Try to give these venomous species space – even though most brown snakes are known for being quite timid in nature. 

This species is far more likely to bite if you attempt to handle them or corner them. If that does occur, the venom will travel very quickly through the bloodstream – which means getting medical assistance as soon as possible is a must! 

Contact Snake Rescue Sunny Coast

If you have found a snake on your property, in your office, or within your home, call the professionals at Snake Rescue Sunny Coast. With nearly a decade of experience in handling some of Australia’s strangest – and most dangerous – reptiles, they can confidently and safely capture and relocate any snake you encounter. 

The Snake Rescue team have dedicated their lives to helping people understand more about Australia’s unique wildlife. Get in touch with them for more information and assistance on snake species, snake identification, and more.