Virtual Location – Faking Location On iPhone Is Not Something Difficult Any More


Today, more and more people are looking for marriage via online applications. One of them is Tinder. This online dating app is phenomenal as it revolutionizes how a person can get acquainted with many people (potential matches) based on the location where he is. According to one data, there are at least 10 million matches every day. This means that more than 10 million people use Tinder every day!

Geo-location is what forms the basis of Tinder (and other dating apps). Geo-location is also the basis for popular Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go. The relationship between the user and the application is based on the location where he is. However, the geo-location factor is also the limitation in utilizing these applications. For example, you can’t use Tinder to find dates in Los Angeles while you’re in London without paying more. Or you can’t play Pokemon GO freely when you want to relax in your room all day.

Do you want to remove those geographic boundaries? You need to freely change your GPS location and if you are using an iOS device, you can use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location, the best GPS Spoofing software ever made.

This is a software from Wondershare which is known for its data recovery products. Thanks to Dr.Fone – Virtual Location, you don’t have to be an IT expert to be able to simulate your fake movements or change your GPS location via your iPhone. This tool is a magic solution for any iOS device user who wants to “play around” with GPS location.

This is the best iOS GPS Spoofing software on the market, at least to date, and based on our experience.

With this software, you can do various things with your iOS device such as:

– You can simulate your fake movement at any location in the world using the GPS Joystick.
– You can teleport your GPS position to any country in the world. There is no limit to that!
– You can play Pokemon Go and other Augmented Reality games without having to move from one location. Imagine playing them while relaxing in your bedroom.
– You can unblock certain websites that apply geographic restrictions. You will know that there are some websites that do not allow people from certain countries/locations to access them.
– You can change your GPS location on up to 5 devices. Most of this kind of software only allows changing the GPS location on one device only. With Dr.Fone – Virtual Location you have the flexibility you may never have imagined.

With Dr.Fone – Virtual Location, faking location on iPhone is not something that is difficult to do anymore. This software is the answer for anyone who wants to break through geographic boundaries with his iPhone. However, it should be noted that this application should not be done for activities that violate the law. All lawsuits remain valid. Hopefully, by reading this article you will find it useful. Thanks for reading!