Vocabulary Building Games To Prepare Your Child For The 11 Plus Exam

Vocabulary Building Games To Prepare Your Child For The 11 Plus Exam
Vocabulary Building Games To Prepare Your Child For The 11 Plus Exam

Is your child ready to take the 11 plus exam? DId you know that you child needs to ace the vocabulary section to pass this entry test? If yes, then you must also know that your child needs to improve on four areas called SPaG: Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar.

Fortunately, there are new and  fun ways to help your child ace SPaG. KidSmart has word games to increase vocabulary and develop English skills. All these games can guarantee that your child will enjoy the learning experience.

Here are 7 vocabulary building games to prepare your child for the vocabulary test:

Cowboy Word Game

This is a challenging way to help your child improve his or her spelling skills and expand his or her vocabulary. The main goal of the game is to save the cowboy from falling into a fire. The definition of the word will be shown on the tablet, and your child will have to correctly spell the words in order to save the cowboy.


Punctoosh is a fun game for students in grades 2 through 6 who want to improve their punctuation skills. The object of the game is for the child to correctly locate the punctuation in the paragraph that is flashed on the screen.This encourages the kid to see how he or she understands where and how to use various punctuation marks.

Word Hive

Word Hive is an excellent game for teaching your child about the parts of speech. Adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and spelling are the four topics covered in this simple yet entertaining game. The game’s awesome beehive architecture makes it more entertaining for your students. If you’re looking for something interesting and worthwhile, try out Word Hive.


Igloo is designed to assist the child in recognizing nouns and adjectives. A paragraph will flash onto the page, and your child must pick the nouns and adjectives. It’s a fun and immersive game that can help your child remember the various parts of speech.


Rectifish can help your child learn good spelling skills as well as fast spelling correction. It’s one of the best vocab building games out there today. The objective of the game is to “correct” misspelled terms. After identifying the misspelled letter, the child must input the proper spelling into the box.

Ancient Tablets

Ancient Tablets is a simple game that can boost your child’s vocabulary. Every stage becomes more difficult. This game is ideal for teaching your child new words and expanding their vocabulary.

Alien Eggs

Alien Eggs is a game that will assist the child with learning to recognize synonyms and antonyms. It’s a fairly straightforward method. What your child has to do is use the correct word pair to find the synonym or antonym. The main goal is to stop the alien egg from hatching!

Try out these vocabulary development games from KidSmart and witness as your child develops excellent vocabulary skills. The best part is, your child is going to have fun while preparing to ace the 11 plus exam!

——Gamification is at the forefront of our quest for innovative pedagogical methods” says Baljeet Dogra, CEO of KidSmart