VoIP Providers in the UK

VoIP providers

UK VoIP providers offer a variety of features. They should be reliable, have top-notch customer support, and offer conference calling capabilities. This is important if you run a business. Conference calls can be made at any time, and you can add users to the system. All the features that are typically associated with conference calls are available.


Ooma offers a free home office plan with two or more users. This plan has advanced call routing features and a call flow editor. The company also offers contact center software and features such as video conferencing. Customers can also choose to pay monthly or prepay annually, which will save them additional money. In addition, Ooma offers a mobile app for its customers.

The company has several different plans that you can choose from, including a Basic plan with high-quality sound, a Premier plan with more advanced features and a privacy guarantee. Both plans are available with a free two-month trial.

BT Business

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable VoIP service for your business, consider BT Business VoIP. They offer a number of flexible plans and a user-friendly service that you won’t regret. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it lets you send and receive voice communications over the internet. It’s similar to traditional phone systems, but it’s much cheaper and easier to scale.

BT Business offers a variety of VoIP services for businesses, including BT Cloud Phone. This service is plug-and-play, and requires only a broadband or fibre connection to work. It gives businesses bundled call minutes, unlimited UK calls, and a web portal for managing the service. It’s also great for businesses with remote workers and those that need a mobile phone.


Vonage has been around for more than 12 years and was one of the first mainstream VoIP providers. It began offering residential subscriptions in 2004 and launched in the UK in 2005. In 2003, Vonage started offering 911 service over its VoIP platform. To use the service, subscribers needed to register their full address with the company. The service is compatible with many types of home phones, PCs and mobile devices.

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Whether you’re looking for a no-limit call package or a more flexible plan, Vonage offers competitive rates. Its no-limit call package costs PS10, and you can call other Vonage users or landlines in the UK or Republic of Ireland for just PS10. Calls to mobile phones cost anywhere between five and fifteen pence per minute, depending on time of day and number of users.


There are a number of benefits to using VoIP for your business. Also read Read also shemale tube First, it can greatly streamline your communication system. This means you can work from home, a remote office, or even a call centre. While these types of working environments may seem like they’d reduce productivity, the truth is they can be just as effective.

VoIP services can also help you expand your business into international markets. Toll-free numbers are widely recognized in other countries and can increase your chances of establishing a rapport with prospects. VoIP providers in the UK can help you achieve this.

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There are plenty of VoIP service providers available in the UK, and one of the most reputable ones is SureVoIP. This provider offers a range of services that can help improve the overall quality of calls. It also recommends certain VoIP equipment and connectivity hardware for businesses. In addition, it offers internet services for business customers.

SureVoIP offers a variety of VoIP plans, including a single-user account for home workers and sole traders. With this account, you can use any computer, laptop, or mobile phone to place and receive calls. This plan comes with advanced features such as voicemail and HD voice between users.


Amvia is a UK-based voice and data service provider that has seen an increase in its customers’ use of its online comparison tool. This tool helps customers to find the most appropriate solution for their needs, based on location, service availability, features, pricing, and more. This means that customers can find a wide range of options in a single place, reducing the need to conduct lengthy research.

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Founded by telecoms experts, Amvia is a privately-owned voice, data, and cloud applications provider. They focus on providing outstanding customer service and a range of telecoms solutions. The company handles billions of data packets every day and has a track record of meeting or exceeding customer expectations. They also offer a range of business VoIP solutions, including hosted VoIP, inbound and outbound calling, call forwarding, and fax to email.

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