Ways to care for Outdoor Blinds


A cloudless sky, beautiful sunshine and a light breeze are the perfect ingredients for a beautiful day. No matter where you are, a pleasant day calls for sitting on the patio and enjoying your time out. It is the perfect utilisation of space, but the issue arises when there is blinding sun and harsh winds. One tends to sit inside and peek through the windows rather than enjoy the weather comfortably. The solution to this is the outdoor blinds. Depending on the time of the day and the construction of the house. Even with large verandas, the outdoor patio blinds provide great utilisation of space. By taking proper care of the blinds, one can easily enhance the appearance of the outdoor space, give it a pristine, crisp look and improve the age of the product.

Avoid harsh chemicals on Outdoor Blinds.

Always wash the outdoor blinds with soapy water and a clean cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals as they can reduce the life of the product. Depending on the locality and the environment, follow a regime of at least once a week. For example, outdoor blinds in Melbourne are more exposed to dirt than in other parts of Australia. One can also use a soft bristle brush to remove the dust from both sides gently. By ignoring the cleaning process, dust and debris will get accumulated on the outdoor patio blinds, and while rolling, they can be scratched or damaged. Try using a soft cloth; anything harsh can scratch it causing it to damage in the long run.

Windy days

With manual and automatic operating systems, opening and closing outdoor roller blinds is very easy. Still, the dilemma exists: should the blinds be constantly open or close?

Outdoor blinds are built for continuous usage; still, harsh winds can be quite damaging to the outdoor roller blinds. Blinds do provide protection during windy days, but in case of windstorms, it is best to roll them beforehand to avoid tears and destruction. Keeping the outdoor blinds extended during windstorms can damage both the blind and the property.

Impact of Moisture build-up on Outdoor Patio Blinds

Never roll up the outdoor roller blinds when they are wet. Moisture build-up can reduce the life of the material of the blind and void the warranty. Even after cleaning it, it is recommended to keep it extended till it dries up completely, resulting in no build-up of fungi or nasty mouldy smell.

Be alert!!!

Always be on the lookout for accidental stains, dirt, and bird faeces daily. Stains can be stubborn and permanent if we don’t act immediately. By cleaning at once, one can reduce the permanent damage to the product and enhance its longevity.

Lubricate the tracks

It is recommended to lubricate the tracks with silicone spray or oil once a month to avoid ionising. This will lubricate the tracks; hence it will easily slide up and down. As a result, this will help us in avoiding force and eventually causing damage.

Magic Recipe!!!

To get rid of tougher stains, always mix one part of dishwashing detergent with 20 parts of water. Diluting it with water will help reduce the harshness of the detergent resulting in less impact on the material of the blind. Always be careful with the detergent you choose for the washing. Natural ingredients work best.

 Regularly cleaning and taking care of your outdoor blind will enhance the life of the product giving you the maximum utilisation of your investment. one can easily enjoy the trouble-free, sun-free, dust-free patio sittings and enjoy.

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Q1: Are outdoor roller blinds waterproof?

Ans: The outdoor roller blinds or Ziptrak blinds provide weatherproofing. They protect the patios, verandas, and terraces from harsh weather conditions, including sun, wind and rain. The usage of these high-quality outdoor blinds helps us maximize our outdoor space because of which we can entertain our family and friends round the clock without any hassle or fear.

Q2: How to remove mold from outdoor blinds?

Ans: Cleaning the outdoor blinds is as easy as 1,2 and 3. Always make a mixture of mild detergent with cold water and use it to scrub the outdoor blinds using a soft cloth.

Q3: How do you Lubricate Outdoor Blinds?

Ans: It is best to use Silicone from a spray can at least four to five times a year to ensure full capacity utilization. Make sure to lubricate the grooves, especially after a hard rain.