What causes roof leaks?


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Whenever you see water drops tipping from the roof or any wet patterns around the roof, you have a roof leaking in your home. Roof leaks are the worst nightmare for homeowners. It can be quite hard for homeowners to diagnose the cause of leakage without a professional inspection.

Rook leaks can come with a cost of immense time and money, so it is necessary to identify the main cause of roof leaks. Otherwise, it can also cause huge damage to your furniture and house’s foundation. Your roof is your home’s first-line defense, so it must be kept in top condition. Since prevention is better than treatment so following are the most common causes of roof leaks to help you save your time and money.

Damaged shingles

Singles are the outer layers of roofs. It is very easy to diagnose and can be caused by extreme weather conditions, storms, rain, etc. You can easily spot it by identifying the missing shingles patterns on your outer part of the roof. They can also be left lying in your backyard after the extreme storm.

Cracked flashing

Flashing are tiny pieces that are made up of metal. These are placed beneath shingles and on the joint points of the roof to make a water-proof barrier. These flashing can be exposed or concealed. If these flashings are cracked or damaged, then it can provide a perfect place for water to run into the roof of your house and cause serious issues. Cracked or damaged flashing can be caused due to extreme weather conditions, direct impacts, age-related tears, or even due to poor residential roofing service

Improper installation of roof windows and skylights

This is probably the easiest problem to diagnose. You can see water drainage around the window or skylight area. If the drainage is coming from the top of the window, this may point out the damage of flashing around it. This can be caused due to improper fixing of skylights or rotting insulation along the rims of skylights.

Clogged gutters

Gutters are very important for the proper functioning of your house. If the gutters get clogged, then they cannot function properly and will become a cause of roof leaks. Some leaves, twigs, or debris can be viewed onto your roof. This can also result in the improper flow of water from the downspouts. You must timely checkout for any clogged gutters and climb up the ladder physically to clean up all the debris.

Damming of ice

Ice damming happens when ice creates edges around the corner of your house roofs. This prevents ice and rainwater from flowing out of the roof and through the gutters as well, which results in the collection of the water reservoir on your roof. This can be a big and disastrous reason for your roof leakage as the weight of ice and water on the roof of your house can bring the whole roof down.

Cracked chimney

After being repeatedly used and exposed to harsh weather conditions, chimneys can wear away. This can allow water to enter the roof and damage your house’s interior. The most commonly seen part of the chimney being damaged is the mud cap. Apart from that, you also need to make sure that mortar and flashings around your chimneys are properly fixed through proper roof inspection service.

Vinyl sidings

Vinyl sidings can also provide a gateway for water to enter the interior of your house. One of the main reasons for that can be improper work done by vinyl siding contractors. Cedar impressions siding can help resist water to some extent, but their usage and lifetime can be a factor in their damage.

Roofs are the front-line defense of your house. It is very important to keep it in the best condition. Due wear and tear can cause roof leakage. But there are various other factors like damaged flashing, shingles, and chimneys. A clogged gutter can also prevent water from flowing out of the roof and hence allow water to enter the roof of your house. You need to acquire a proper residential roof inspection service to diagnose any possible leakage.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the causes of roof leakage.

What is the most common reason for roof leaks?

Most roof leaks are caused by many factors, including people, negligence, rooftop equipment, and weather conditions. Prevention is better than repair. You must take care of roof leakages and prevent them on a timely basis.

Is it possible to fix the roof leaks?

You must be aware of the fact that a small roof leak can cause substantial damage to a home, so it is essential to find and correct a problem as soon as it is caught on the ceiling. The best news is that many problems with roof leaks typically found in homes can be easily fixed.

Can heavy rainfall damage a roof?

If storms and rains are common in your area, heavy rainfall will wear down shingles and other parts of a roof. The damage on the roof involves lost shingles and moisture saturation inside the home. This water damage can saturate the roof deck and compromise the structure of the home.