What are the industrial applications of magnetic glitter?

applications of magnetic glitter

Galglitter has launched optical glitter and magnetic optical glitter, which are different from the

market. The difference mainly lies in the material, thickness, and shape of the glitter. galglitter launched optical glitter with no substrate material, and the thickness is 4~5 times thinner compared to the traditional glitter, the thickness of the glitter is Thinner, the same gram of glitter, and the amount of optical glitter is undoubtedly more. The optical glitter is irregularly shaped, and the irregular shape will have a better sense of color hierarchy.

In addition, the magnetic glitter adds a magnetic function to the optical glitter, which makes it more variable in application.

What are the industrial applications of magnetic optical glitter?

The optical glitter and magnetic optical glitter introduced by galglitter have been used in different fields in the market, including the color industry, printing and painting, car clothing, decorative parts, and many other industries.

Color cosmetics industry

The color industry is currently mainly used in color nail art, especially magnetic glitter. galglitter‘s magnetic glitter combined with nail polish can magnetize different rainbow cat eye effects, which is currently a more popular nail art decoration.

Magnetic glitter can also be applied to nail art using the application method, which is also a unique nail art effect.

Printed Spray

Printed spraying has more optical glitter applications, and magnetic glitter applications are not very common at the moment. Magnetic glitter has more magnetic functions compared to optical glitter, and in printing, different printing effects can be formed through various magnetic absorption and curing.

This seemingly dune-like printing effect is the effect of using magnetic powder combined with screen printing and curing after magnetic absorption.

The market space for magnetic powder for printing and spraying is large, and the market is still in the development stage.

Car Coat Application

Car coat application is mainly used for body color change film. Body color change film is mainly car appearance color change! In the modern city, fashion is not only an item, a life, but also a value, a temperament, and fashion has become one of the standards to measure the self-worth of urban people. The appearance of the car not only needs maintenance but also needs a beautiful and fashionable personality coat.

The application of magnetic glitter, in addition to the above industries, there are some decorative parts, clothing, shoes, and hats decoration and other fields will use magnetic glitter, which will be slowly introduced later. galglitter will soon launch an improved version of magnetic glitter, on the basis of the original magnetic powder, strengthen the magnetic and color effect of the powder, in the use of the effect, more conducive to the shaping of magnetic patterns, color The effect is better, please pay attention.