What is abortion?


Abortion (Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption, or abortion) refers to the expulsion of the embryo or fetus out of the uterus , during a medical intervention.

The abortion is performed in a specialized center  Abortion pills in Dubai online with professionals trained for this purpose and for the reception of patients. In any case, only a doctor can do it. Confidentiality is guaranteed by medical confidentiality and you are not required to inform your relatives of your decision.

IVG: what steps to take?

The procedure for voluntary termination of pregnancy requires 2 medical consultations beforehand.

The first is done by a doctor, a gynecologist or in a family planning center at  Abortion pills in Dubai online.

This is an informative visit: you must receive all the information about the abortion in an objective manner. The doctor, for his part, must make sure of your determination and your free will. He can refuse this consultation, provided that he informs you immediately and directs you to a colleague who can initiate the procedure.

During this appointment at  Abortion pills in Dubai online, the doctor also performs a pelvic exam to assess the progress of the pregnancy, the absence of STIs and your general state of health. Depending on the results, you can choose between an aspiration abortion and a medical abortion.

Then, a period of reflection is necessary: ​​take it into account to meet the deadline provided by law. In Dubai, the time between the 2 consultations is 7 days.

During the second consultation, the doctor will ask you to confirm your choice to terminate the pregnancy and the procedure which is best was  Abortion pills in Dubai online can take place.

How does an abortion go?

Depending on the progress of the pregnancy and your personal preferences, 2 methods exist 

Medicated abortion

This method, without anesthesia or surgery, is possible up to 5 weeks of pregnancy (7 WA) in Dubai.

The medical abortion consists of taking 2 drugs in an authorized establishment, under medical supervision. The first (mifepristone) will terminate the pregnancy and trigger uterine contractions and dilation of the cervix. The second (misoprostol), given about 2 days later, will increase contractions and cause the egg to expel, like a miscarriage. The pain experienced varies in everyone, but you can reduce it with pain medication prescribed by your doctor.

Sometimes the eviction takes several hours to wait and takes place at home. It takes the form of bleeding that is heavier than a period.

Abortion by aspiration

This surgical method is performed in a specialized center or Get abortion pills in Dubai. The suction abortion requires anesthesia, local or general according to your preferences and your state of health.

During the procedure, the doctor dilates the cervix and aspirates what is in the uterus through a small tube. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes. You may experience some unpleasant side effects, such as fever, blood loss, and stomach pain.

If these symptoms intensify, it is recommended to contact the center promptly for an examination.

What follow-up after the abortion?

After the abortion, you usually receive a medical certificate for the day and recommendations. For example, you must respect certain hygiene precautions and resume your contraception, unless the doctor advises otherwise.

Whatever method is used, a check-up is essential 2 to 3 weeks after the abortion.

The doctor must make sure that the pregnancy has been terminated, without complications.

He checks that your contraception is suitable for you.

If your blood type is Rh negative, you will receive a specific injection to prevent any complications in the event of a subsequent pregnancy. As for the psychological aspect of abortion, each woman experiences it differently, depending on the personal context and the circumstances in which the abortion took place. The specialized centers systematically offer psychosocial interviews before and after the intervention. If you wish, they can help you take stock.

Abortion for minors

If you are a minor, you must obtain written consent from an adult to terminate your pregnancy. This is usually one of your parents, but if this is not possible, you can choose a person of full age who will accompany you until the end of the procedure. Professional secrecy is guaranteed. The other legal obligation for minors is to take part in a psychosocial interview before the intervention.

Who can give it to me?

The morning after pill can be found in pharmacies and in family planning centers Get abortion pills in Dubai. Be careful, some morning-after pills require a medical prescription, others do not. Check with your nearest doctor, pharmacist or family planning center.