What is the job profile of Bihar Police SI? What are the job and responsibilities of Bihar Police SI?


Getting a job in the police services in any state is a matter of huge prestige, and this has to be understood from the very outset. Being a sub-inspector or SI in the Bihar police department is thus a matter of huge benefit for many around the nation, and that is why this is so much of a coveted post among other such government jobs. Therefore, every year, many people try for a few vacancies in the police department to be considered eligible for the job and achieve a life of dignity while serving the nation of India and the state of Bihar by being a police officer. Here we shall explore the job profile and the responsibilities of a Bihar Police SI with due precision to be seen.

Job profile of a Bihar Police SI

As the name of the post suggests, a Bihar police SI job is expected to maintain law and order in their respective regions so that no criminal can escape the purview of the law. Ensuring justice is thus the most important aspect of the job profile of a Bihar police SI, and this has to be understood from the very outset. According to official statistics, Bihar is one of the most populated states of India, with a high density of population to be seen.

Therefore, the responsibilities of the police officers are seen to be immensely high in these regions, and therefore a Bihar police SI is expected to perform certain diligent roles. Upon the performance of a Bihar police SI, the regional stability in the domain of law and order depends. Therefore, before embarking on such a profession, all must keep this profile in mind. Moreover, their responsibilities are expected, which will now be discussed with due diligence.

The responsibilities of a Bihar Police SI

The major responsibilities that can be seen after cracking the Bihar police SI exam are now listed here as follows:

  • The first and foremost responsibility of a Bihar police SI is to ensure that there is complete ensuring of law and order in his or her concerned jurisdiction, and there must be no complaint to be seen from the areas at all.
  • It has to be noted here that a Bihar police SI is entrusted to deal with all the other staff members in the hierarchical chain of the police force. Thus it needs to be mentioned here that the functional aspect of a police station depends largely on the competence of a Bihar police SI.
  • Maintaining peace and decorum is also an important aspect of his or her responsibility. Unless this is executed with perfection, it might lead to multiple complexities that are not at all desirable in this context and must be noted with due diligence.
  • Registering for an FIR is one of the most important jobs of any police officer, and it is especially true for a Bihar police SI. The entire course of investigation for a particular case largely depends on how the FIR has been listed and based on that; further actions are taken.
  • It is intriguing to note that a Bihar police SI has to maintain cordial relations with all the members of the jurisdiction he or she is entrusted to protect because having clarity of communication between them can be helpful.

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It is thus understood that the job profile of a Bihar police SI is immensely significant. He or she is seen to be entrusted with many responsibilities to reckon with. Some of those have been discussed in the article.  

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