When Do You Need an Impacted Teeth Removal Service?

Impacted Teeth Removal

If you don’t know, wisdom teeth that are impacted might cause more significant difficulties and diseases. While there are numerous justifications for wisdom teeth extraction’s advantages, here are the top five to help you make an informed decision.

Inflammation and Infection

Wisdom teeth frequently cause gum inflammation due to a combination of limited space and partial impactions. This can result in painful gum disease as well as other health risks. According to recent research, once the inflammation has set in, it is extremely difficult to reverse. It frequently spreads to neighboring locations. A space between a partially impacted tooth and the gums creates a breeding ground for bacteria, greatly increasing the risk of infection.

Suffering From Overcrowding

When wisdom teeth erupt, they try to fit into a space that is already crowded. Neighboring teeth are frequently pushed aside due to a lack of space. As a result, there is a misalignment. Wisdom teeth can destroy a straight smile and utterly unravel years of dental treatment, whether it’s because of braces or genetics.

Tooth Damage In The Immediate Vicinity

While overcrowding is common, wisdom teeth have the potential to do more harm than good to their neighbors. They may cause bone loss and cavities in the surrounding second molars, causing them to be damaged.

Tumors or Cysts

An impacted wisdom tooth may cause small tumors or cysts in the jawbone, which may cause joint discomfort and need the help of a professional as well as a choice of treatment alternatives you’d rather avoid.

When wisdom teeth become impacted in the jaw, other teeth move and the jawline shifts as well. This might make opening your mouth difficult and cause discomfort. Cysts may form around freshly erupted molars, hollowing down the jaw bones and damaging the nerves of surrounding, healthy teeth if left untreated.

Cleaning Is Difficult

Even if you don’t have any discomfort or evident issues as a result of the arrival of your wisdom teeth, your dental hygiene may be jeopardized in the future. More than often, there isn’t much room, therefore brushing and flossing around wisdom teeth might be tough. These teeth are prominent candidates for cavities and plaque development due to their limited space and difficult-to-reach placement.

Pain and Sensitivity

Many people are unaware that their wisdom teeth are impacted until they begin to experience pain. But, like any other dental issue, it starts modest and almost invisible. Any toothache, discomfort, or minor throbbing sensations should not be ignored.

If it happens when you touch the back of your mouth while eating or brushing, your wisdom teeth have most likely erupted. It won’t be long until they start growing at an angle to the rest of the teeth, causing problems with the jaws or crowding neighboring teeth.

Consult with Our Top-Notch Oral Surgeons

While many individuals accommodate these teeth with no discomfort or issues, others experience complications that intensify with age. Without extraction, you may experience recurrent infections and pain that require extensive treatment options, medications, and more. It’s a lot better if you call the right dental practitioner for your peace of mind. At Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery, we take care of you like a family. We offer a range of oral and cosmetic procedures to help bring back the amazing smile and confidence in you. Here are the reasons why we are the number one dental clinic in the area!

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