Which Social Media App Should Your Firm Be Using?

Social Media App
Social Media App

More than 4.5+ billion people use social media regularly, and more and more companies realize the enormous possibilities social media presents for connecting with their customers. Statistics show that 94% of companies use Facebook, 84.4% use Twitter, 81.4% use Instagram, 70.4% use LinkedIn, 30.4% use Pinterest, 18.4% use TikTok, and 9.4% use Snap. So, your company should prioritize establishing a presence on social media, but how do you choose which social media channel to prioritize? 

  • Build a profile of the intended audience categories, including fundamentals like age, gender, location, and profession, to assist you in deciding where to focus your social media activities. 
  • Then, look at the user accounts for the social channels underneath to discover where your demographic is present. 
  • When you know where your audiences spend their time online, you can concentrate on learning how to use that social media platform to grow your brand awareness and establish relationships with your target audience.

Top Social Media Channels 

1. TikTok 

TikTok is an excellent video application that is rocking the social media world. It has become one of the best social media applications due to its massive user base and exposure. The app in the initial stages was used only by Gen Z and teenagers, but right now, the app is used by people of all age groups. Not just for people, the app has proven to be useful for businesses and organizations. Plenty of companies of all sizes are using this application to bring in more traffic to their business. The app offers businesses an excellent option for creating a business profile for their brand. In addition, you can buy tiktok fans for your business profile to make it reach a global audience. This has proved that opting for TikTok for your firm is an excellent opportunity. 

2. Facebook

A Facebook page is necessary for any company; it’s a terrific method to build genuine relationships with clients, generate leads, and stay current with your community. In addition, 78+ percent of businesses believe Facebook to be the most useful social media medium for achieving their marketing objectives, according to research. Make sure the profile and cover photographs on your Facebook company page are interesting and of good quality. Employ keywords to make it easier for users to locate you and explicitly indicate who you are and what you strive for in the ‘About’ part of your page. Always keep your information basic and understandable. The way you present your firm will be the impression created on your brand among the people or viewers. 

3. Instagram

Since 2021, larger businesses than every social media platform intended to boost their expenditure with Instagram marketing, as per a survey. People interact with businesses better than ever using Instagram, where engagement is frequently more significant than that on Facebook. Just like how you buy tiktok likes to enhance your post reach, you could also try gaining more likes to your Instagram posts on the internet. 

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Ninety percent of Instagram profiles follow only one company, and 83 percent of users claim to have found new goods and services on Instagram. Make the 150 characters you have for your business profile resonate. Use creativity when writing your pieces; think about showcasing your firm’s culture, providing tutorials, outlining your company’s objective, or taking readers behind the scenes. Learn further about your fans, including their demographics and usage patterns, by using Instagram Insights.

4. Pinterest

In contrast to other social media platforms, Pinterest is heavily focused on retail. Yes, individuals share their favorite recipes and amusing pictures on Pinterest, but many individuals always use it to obtain suggestions and inspiration for goods they want to buy. And because of that, it’s a fantastic location for businesses to advertise their goods. In addition, Pinterest is a tremendous source of back links because all of its pins point to the original website. So start engaging and genuine lifestyle photographs demonstrating how your items are used when developing a Pinterest profile for your company.

5. Snapchat

Although Snapchat has been in use since 2011, companies have recently begun to see it as a potential social media outlet for marketing. Although Snapchat has historically been most popular among teenagers, its user base is starting to skew a little older. However, for companies targeting people over 35, Snapchat is certainly still not relevant. However, Snapchat is the place to locate them if you want to connect with a new crowd. Snapchat allows you to transmit pictures or movies that vanish after being seen. To add enjoyable effects to the Snaps, you could apply filters, writing, and overlays. Use Snapchat to share amusing or intriguing instances from your business’s culture or daily operations. Snapchat advertisements receive up to twice as much visual attention compared to other digital media advertisements.


Businesses could take the help of the internet with multiple opportunities. The internet has social media channels that play a significant part in future digitalization. The above-mentioned social media applications are the top apps that have paved the way for businesses to excel in the future. You could also choose Tikviral to build your social media profiles with more traffic and reach. From large companies to startups, social media channels provide many opportunities and features that will help the business grow and succeed. Choosing the apt channel is the only responsibility you have. The rest will be taken care of by the applications themselves.