Your Guide About Family-based Green Card


A green card holder is a person of foreign origin who has lawfully been granted permission to live and work in the United States permanently. Based on specific family relations, the United States can allow a non-citizen to get a green card and become lawful citizens if they are family members of the United States or citizens or lawful permanent residents. This is called a family-based green card. 

If you are trying to obtain a green card, consult a Family green card attorney today and figure out your next steps. 

What are the advantages of being a green card holder? 

Once you are a citizen of the United States, you will also have most of the rights of a United States citizen, with only a few exceptions. 

The rights of a citizen of the United States 

  • Unless you commit any action that can make you deportable under the Immigration law, you can live permanently in the United States. 
  • You can work at any legal job of your choice if you have the qualifications. 
  • You are protected by all the laws of the United States and the state where you reside. 
  • You can vote in the elections where United States citizenship is not required, such as in some local elections. 

The exception to the rights that a green card holder can get 

  • Due to security concerns, some jobs may only be available to United States citizens 
  • You would not be allowed to vote in elections that require a United States citizenship 

What is the process to get a family-based green card? 

  1. The relative that is a United States citizen files for a green card petition 
  2. They wait for the approval of the petition 
  3. They acquire an immigrant visa number from the department of state 
  4. Application for an immigrant visa in the home country 

What can a family-based green card attorney help me with? 

Having a professional on your side is always a good idea. You may want to consult a family-based green card attorney due to reasons such as: 

  • Applying for visas and family-based petitions is very complex, and you may need extra help. 
  • There is a growing increase in detention and deportation, and a good attorney can help you avoid that. 
  • The problem is the availability of waivers for people who have had minor crimes or have stayed in the United States unlawfully for any period. 

In need of professional help? 

If you are dealing with any issues regarding family-based green cards, or if you want to know more about them, then reach out to a family-based green card attorney today and get professional legal help.