Your Radical Learning Source: 9 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

play video games

Contrary to the popular impression, gaming is more than just an addictive source of amusement and entertainment. A recent study has proved that playing video games has many benefits and best among them, is the improvement of cognitive abilities in both adults and kids.

Just as any particular physical activity supports in developing and strengthening your muscles, mind stimulating games help in entertaining one’s brain in continuous stimulation, thus enhancing the brain’s performance. 

Without delay, this article will show you the benefits of playing video games intellectually.

Boosts Concentration and Attention

Video games particularly action games have shown to be able to captivate the attention of the player for the entire duration of the game. 

This benefit is brought about by the need for the player to accomplish specific goals within the game and be able to proceed to the next stage.

Enhances Coordination

When you are playing video games, you are not only staring and gazing at the screen of the computer inactively. 

The actions and activities on the screen give a lot of intellectual stimulation. For you to play, you must coordinate your audial, visual, and physical movement.

Enhances Social Skills

Online gaming allows many individuals to engage in a specific game together. As such, there is continuous communication between the players in the game which promotes the development of essential and casual connections among them.

This scheme will help a player meet new people and friends while increasing the bonds with their good friends as well. Although video games might be beneficial, people must play them responsibly and in moderation.

It is also essential to choose the appropriate game as not all games give the same intellectual benefits. Age is also a factor for small kids must not be exposed to cruel and violent games.

Improves the Speed of the Brain

While playing video games, the brain receives many stimulations, both audial and visual. According to study, people who play video games can constantly process these stimulators quicker than others. 

These stimulators guarantee that brain of the player is continuously functioning to decipher them.

Boosts Analytical Skills

Well, video games involve specific rules. This scenario indicates that the player must think correctly before executing any move to ensure that they stay within the needed rules of that specific game. 

The player must execute a constant split-second decision that will decide whether or not the player will be able to advance to the next stage.

Improves Memory

Playing a video game may need both audio and visual memory. The players are required to listen or read the instructions which might hardly be given at the start of the game. Thus the player has to remember the specific rules through the entire game. 

Mastery of the keyboard keys helps you command your characters easily. This method can help in improving your memory, whether short-term or long-term.

It is an Excellent Source of Learning

Gaming is not only helpful to teenagers and adults but kids as well. Several new education organizations include video games as an added source of teaching practices. 

This course of action helps these kids develop their academic abilities by providing games that are precisely intended for improving their cognitive and innovative skills.

Heightens Multitasking Abilities

When you buy a gaming console in Deal Wiki and play a combat game, for instance, may need you to be extremely alert. 

It needs you to be able to navigate your joystick or keyboard keys while looking at the many features on your screen such as approaching opponents, energy levels, the ammunition left, the needed time among other determinants, all of which are essential to winning. 

These challenges guarantee that the player can discern, observe, and react accordingly to each specific requirement of the game.

Makes Great Surgeon

Another surprising benefit of playing video games is that according to studies, playing video games makes an excellent surgeon. 

When you are into video games, your hands are constantly working. You need to look at the fine points on the screen carefully and execute fast decisions. 

You should work within limited spaces while commanding the precision on your targets which relates to the job of surgeons because they must work in small spaces, and they need to make no mistakes. 

Do you have one promising surgeon in the family now?


Gaming is indeed an excellent source of improving a person’s cognitive abilities because it provides constant interactive gameplay. However, we must also remember to play video games in moderation and not to forget our true function as a person.