What new features you can see in upcoming iPhones


iPhones have always been a very eagerly discussed topic among tech enthusiasts and mobile phone lovers. 

Every year, Apple launches its new models which come with never seen before features. Every aspect of the newest iPhone is impressive. Apple also has the reputation of producing some of the best camera phones in today’s market. Powered by AI driven sensors and chipsets, Apple iPhones take end user satisfaction to a different level. If you are iPhone user, then you will experience superior graphics, better screen resolution, amazing sound clarity, brilliant photography, and strong battery life. Plus, you would get new features with each upcoming iPhone handset. Let us discuss some of the most interesting new features you will see in upcoming iPhone models.

Multiple sizes – It is rumoured that the upcoming iPhone 13 will come in four different sizes (5.4/6.1/6.4/6.4+). The 6.4 inch and the 6.4 inch plus screen would be higher priced models. On the other hand, the smaller 5.4 inch and 6.1 inch models would come at a lower price bracket. 

Smaller notch – The upcoming iPhone models will have a smaller notch. The notch will shrink in width but its height would remain unchanged. iPhone 13’s Face ID transmitter will be made from a plastic material and would replace the existing glass material. 

No USB C – There was news doing the rounds that the existing iPhone charging port would be replaced by the more common Type C port. However, it has been confirmed that iPhone will not shift to the Type C port in the near future.

Touch ID – The finger print touch ID scanner would be the latest addition to new iPhone models. The existing Facial Recognition Technology used by Apple has been a problem for some users with their face masks on. This new unlocking technology would become very handy for iPhone users who are not willing to use the Facial Recognition Technology.

A15 Processor – The new A15 processor will use 5nm+ size chip. However, the details of the chip are not available in detail. It is expected that this new chip design would bring in more efficiency and speed. Plus, it would augment the entire end user experience with key modifications in the Audio Video output.

5G chip and WiFi 6E – The 5G revolution is expected to become a reality in the year 2021. Hence, it can be expected that the upcoming iPhone models would be equipped with 5G technology. Today, the entire spectrum of mobile communication is being strongly influenced by 5G technology. Apple will engineer its upcoming iPhone models with the Snapdragon X60 third-generation 5G modem to enable 5G reception.

Larger batteries – The iPhone battery size will increase in the upcoming models. The lager battery size will increase the overall battery life. Hence, iPhone users can expect their phones to last more than 24 hours after a full battery charge. Plus, the new iPhone models will come up with faster charging ports and also support wireless charging.

Camera improvements – The camera is the most important aspect of an iPhone. Throughout its journey, iPhone cameras have awed tech experts with its clarity and sharpness. The upcoming iPhone models will undergo a major transformation in terms of camera capability. The new camera will come up with sensor shift stabilization and improvement in low light operations. This will significantly reduce image distortion due to shaking of the handset during photography. 

1 TB Storage capacity – This might sound astonishing to many readers but the upcoming iPhone models like iPhone 13 might extend its storage capacity to 1TB. The highest storage capacity of 512GB is set to be surpassed in the year 2021 with 1TB internal storage.

New Cooling Technology – The new cooling technology would help the upcoming iPhone models adopt to 5G technology. Technology enthusiasts have already understood the importance of better cooling systems for the 5G compatible handsets. The high speed internet of 5G handsets will increase the latent heat of mobile handsets. Hence, iPhone designers will overcome this problem with innovative designs.

iPhone will transform the entire mobile market in the coming years. Its technologies will become the benchmark for other smartphone manufacturing companies. Today, there are a million plus iPhone users across the world. 

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