Get The Puppy for the Holidays

FouFou Puppies

Many people dream of receiving a puppy for Christmas. If you’re considering this gift, you can probably imagine the look on your loved one’s face as they meet their new companion. But is getting a puppy at Christmas time really a good idea? Have you picked out a groomer and ensured that they will use only the best pet grooming supplies? Before you bring home a new dog for the holidays, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

Should You Get a Puppy at Christmas Time?

The scene looks like something out of a Hallmark movie: the tree is trimmed, the lights lit, and the gifts waiting to be opened. Suddenly, a box begins to wiggle and then tumbles over, spilling open to reveal an adorable FouFou Puppies with a big red bow around their neck.

It certainly sounds whimsical, but this is not a gift to be given lightly, or without careful consideration. That initial delight could turn out to be a burden if the recipient isn’t prepared to handle the needs of a living, breathing pet.


A puppy may be the most wonderful gift a person will ever get, as long as you’re sure the recipient truly wants one. Consider the advantages of choosing a puppy as a gift.

Lifelong Friend

Today’s puppy is tomorrow’s lifelong companion. A puppy will provide its owner with unconditional love for their entire life. With proper care, you can expect to enjoy 10 to 15-plus years of adventures, laughter, and kisses together. Evidence also demonstrates that dog ownership can promote physical and mental wellbeing, so having a dog is good for your own health, too.

Availability of Puppies

Shelters are always brimming with available puppies, and the Christmas season is no different. In fact, a lot of shelters offer discounts on adoption fees around the holidays. You can even take advantage of Black Friday or Boxing Day sales while shopping for puppy supplies, too.

Many breeders plan for Christmas all year long, timing breeding as closely as possible to coincide with the Christmas season. There is usually a bumper crop of pups to choose from, so finding the breed you want may be easier than ever. As Christmas draws closer, breeders want to assure that every pup finds a home, so you could end up getting a deal on the price you pay.

Time for Training

A lot of folks have several days or weeks off around the holidays. This open availability means extra time to become acquainted with the new pup. Begin training as early as possible. If you have children, you can build a routine around feeding and walking the puppy while on winter vacation, so they’re in the habit when school is back in session.


It’s not all candy canes and mistletoe when you bring a puppy home at Christmas time. Be mindful of the disadvantages associated with getting or gifting a Christmas puppy.

Holiday Chaos

A house full of guests can be quite nerve wracking for a young pup. With new visitors coming in and out of the house, there’s a greater risk of your puppy escaping through an open door. There are also more chances for them to get hold of dangerous holiday food or get into trouble with Christmas decorations.

Time Commitment

The extra hustle and bustle around the house during Christmas may not be conducive to concentrating on puppy training. If your puppy gets off to a bad start with house training, it may take them weeks to get back on track. In the meantime, you will enjoy your new family member significantly less if you are constantly cleaning up their little “gifts.” Be sure you can commit the time necessary to care and training — not just through puppyhood, but for the next 10 to 15 years!

Cold Weather

Unless you live in a warm climate, potty training in the coldest months of the year is no easy task. Understand that you’ll likely be forced to stand outside in your yard at 3 o’clock in the morning waiting for your wee one to wee. Many small breeds with short hair are especially sensitive to cold weather, so these puppies may need special attire to stay warm.