How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iPad 6 Screen?

how much to repair cracked ipad screen

When it comes down to the people who need tablets for remote working or entertainment purposes, we are pretty sure that you would be in love with the iPads. Not so long ago, Apple came up with the cutting-edge range of tablets, commonly known as iPads. However, one would know that Apple never leaves the string of sensitivity.

Well, it might be the reason that people wonder, “how much does it cost to repair an iPad 6 screen repair?” but there is nothing to worry about. With this being said, if you’ve been looking for iPad 6 repair Adelaide and wondering what the costs will be, we are here to help!

Which iPads Parts Are Broken?

For everyone wondering about the repair costs, one must acknowledge that the repair costs will differ with the broken component. For instance, every iPad display is built differently. To begin with, the older iPad models are designed with digitizer and glass with a separate LCD display. On the contrary, the advanced iPad models are fused glass, OLED or LCD, and digitizer.

So, if the glass screen shatters but the image is clear even now, it’s evident that the glass assembly is broken while there are no issues with LCD. This is actually a good instance since the top glass layer will be replaceable without disturbing the LCD panel. On the other hand, if you own the latest model, the entire fused assembly will need replacement, which means costs will be higher, of course.

Call Apple

When you get a broken or cracked iPad screen, you need to know that Apple is the most suitable choice because they promise higher standards of repairing without compromising on reliability. For the most part, if you have a one-year warranty intact with an iPad, the costs and repairing will be free. If the warranty is not available, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.

When it comes down to repairing the iPad, the costs will depend on the iPad model. For instance, if you have an AppleCare Plus warranty, the accidental screen damage will be catered for free. As a result, it’s pretty obvious that repair costs will be reasonable with AppleCare+, but the costs will be relatively higher without them.

With Apple, users can access the temporary replacement iPad through the Apple Express Replacement Service before you get the broken iPad fixed from Apple. This is a beneficial service since Apple takes around five business days to return the iPad. Also, if you’ve to ship the iPad to Apple, an additional shipping fee should be added; the shipping costs are $6.95.

On the other hand, the users can drop off the broken iPad at the official Apple Repair Center for free and save the shipping fee. However, there are additional applicable taxes that the users must pay. On average, the repairing costs of iPad 6 will be around $259. However, Apple will charge an additional $49 in the name of service fees.