How to Make It as Local Performer for Hire

Local Performer for Hire
How to Make It as Local Performer for Hire

There are countless hurdles any new performer has to get through before they can make their big break.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to skip a lot of this trouble, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it easier for yourself.  There’s no reason a skilled local performer should have to get a backup job bagging groceries or doing taxes.

Here are the top ways to make it as a local performer and when to put your foot down for yourself.

Never Work For Exposure

A lot of people and companies will do anything to save money.  Many people see creative jobs as worthless, free, or an easy thing to do.  Unfortunately, that means a lot of people will try to take advantage of your talents.  Be frank when they ask you questions, but courteous and professional.  IF someone offers you a job for exposure- you need to calculate if that exposure is worth it.  A business that can afford to throw a party should be budgeting for entertainment.  Unless they’re able to get you thousands of followers on social media- or have actual connections you need, skip any ‘for exposure’ work.

Keep Your Rates Simple. Ask for Deposit

Use simple to understand rates, don’t try to throw algebra at your customers, or they’ll get frustrated and stop responding.  Let them know your hourly fee and how much you’re willing to take for any customized or unique performances.  For instance, if your charge is $75 an hour, you should up your cost per new song you have to learn by at least thirty dollars apiece.  That time isn’t just to get the most money out of your customer; it’s also because of the time you put in learning the new music.

Ask for an upfront deposit so that you can save the date for them.  A reliable customer will see no problem with this, and a sketchy one will try to weasel their way out of it.  The deposit will help convince customers not to drop your last second and give you a safety net if the event is canceled.

Advertise Yourself

Social media is a friend!  Get your name and brand out there by advertising yourself on apps like Twitter and Instagram.  Talk with other artists, post samples, and include updates of your schedule.  If events allow you to, try recording snippets of your performances to post as well.  The more seriously you take this, the better chance you’ll have to get yourself out in front of a crowd.  When people are trying to find clowns, they don’t just go outside and shout for them- they google circus entertainers near me.  Be visible, be friendly, and be active.  In no time, you’ll have a following that will want to hire you.

Listen To FeedbackThe most important thing you can do is listen to your customers’ feedback.  They’ll tell you what they liked or didn’t like, and you can use this advice to learn how to grow.  A good change may be what kicks your performance up a notch and gains you more customers!