iPhone Dead And Not Charging solved in 2021

iPhone Dead And Not Charging solved in 2021

iPhone 8 Plus dead and not charging

Likely killed by the problem with the iPhone 7 Plus that cropped up earlier this year, some folks are having issues with their iPhone 8 Plus not charging. It’s not too serious, but it’s enough of an issue to warrant a dedicated thread on Apple’s support forums. Apple has acknowledged the issue, saying that it only affects some  working on a fix. iPhone’s battery health.

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devices. “We’ve checked and there’s no known issues with iPhone 8 Plus,”

the company said in a statement.

The only workaround is to use the USB-C-to-Lightning adapter to charge the device, which thedevices and that it’s

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus WiFi and Cellular signal issues

Some iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners are reporting trouble getting a good signal or a strong WiFi connection. It’s particularly noticeable if you’re using the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in areas with weak WiFi coverage, like in a basement, for example.

The issue seems to only affect the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with the 3 GHz dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) radios enabled.

One person on the Apple support forum says: “I’m currently experiencing interference on the 3g band when in Wifi spots. In a basement and the wireless router in this spot appears to be 30 miles away but I am only able to stream video in HD.”

Whether it’s caused by a hardware issue or just iOS 11, it’s something that should be fixed with an update to iOS 11.1.

Black dot/tile issues on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Black dots and stripes on their screens are being reported by some iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners. They claim the dots appear to be appearing near the top or bottom of the display in a pattern, or they’re visible at random.

Others claim they’re just seeing the areas where the black dots normally

The issue first cropped up when iPhone 8 and 8 Plus users were first setting up their devices. Then, a couple of users say they got it fixed by going into the iPhone settings, where they were told to install the beta version of iOS 11.1. Others say they can’t solve the problem and have resorted to a full factory reset.

It’s not clear what’s causing the problem, but the photos and videos of the dots people are sharing on Twitter are pretty funny.

@AppleSupport my iPhone 8 Plus has black dot issues, if this persists in new 11.1 update plz help pic.twitter.com/OblgqO80AF — Z A (@Zsaman1) October 27, 2017

Still no fix for Siri in Chinese

An iPhone 8 or 8 Plus user reported earlier this month that Siri would only understand the user’s requests in English in China. Now that iOS 11.1 has been released, this particular issue has not been addressed.

Siri does work when accessing the services Siri supports in Chinese, such as iMessage, Safari, Maps, and Photos, but it has a much more limited vocabulary.

Check back for updates. We’ll report back when Apple fixes the biggest problems of the day.

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Update, November 1st: Added new information regarding battery issues.

iPhone 8 battery health problems: Apple is fixing it for free. How to choose the best iPhone cases

In a statement on Tuesday, Apple said it’s “deeply sorry” about the slowdown problems on older iPhone models.

For affected customers, Apple has a replacement program that can fix the issue. If you already paid for a new battery for your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X, Apple says the company will pay for a new battery (up to $29) if you mail back your iPhone between January 3 and January 27, 2018.

If you bought a new battery through Apple, it will replace your current battery for free if you send it in between January 31 and March 23, 2018.

Meanwhile, Apple has released an iOS update that tells iPhone users if their battery needs replacing.


Another update, this time for battery health. How to see your iPhone’s health and see your iPhone’s battery health? Here’s everything you need to know.