Lawyer SEO Services: Rank Your Law Firm in Google


Want to build up your legal practice? Lawyer SEO service can help you do it!

Lawyers SEO involves the use of proven strategies and techniques that help attorneys and law firms capture potential clients to their website. SEO grooms the online presence of your law firm – it helps you rank in SERP for specific keywords and achieve result-oriented visibility on the web. Here is everything that you should know about law firm SEO and its strategic importance in this competitive world.

Importance of law firm SEO

For finding legal assistance, people search for their go-to law firm on Google and other search engines. Of course, word of mouth and social media play an important role, but search engines dominate every research phase. Experts say that lawyer SEO is best for client acquisition because it puts your law firm in front of the prospect who is searching for your services. For that reason, SEO has a 14.6 percent conversion rate.

Further, a study revealed that 5 percent of website traffic comes from social media, 10 percent from paid search, while 51 percent from organic search, and 34 percent from other sources.

87 percent of smartphone users perform the search on a search engine at least once a day. And out of that smartphone search percent, 96 percent of searches are made on Google and 92% combinedly on desktop and mobile.

It’s evident that in recent years the way people search for law firms has changed a lot. After the popularity of the internet search is the primary medium to find information online. It means the success of your law firm majorly depends on whether you are easily findable on Google or not.

The need for a website for SEO

There was a time when people used yellow pages to search lawyers, but now, search engine giants like Google and Bing have taken their place. People search for lawyer websites online, explore their legal services, and get in touch with one that seems to own a convincing online presence.

Website is the central hub of your law firm for developing search engine optimization strategies. It acts as a foundation for presenting the best of your business in front of prospective clients. It helps create and promote your brand to better target your audience. Here are some facts to support the importance of having an SEO-friendly website –

  • The click-through rate of websites on the first position in search engines is 34% on desktop and 35% on mobile.
  • 2 to 3 percent of click-through rate drop is experienced on the second page and declines heavily from there.
  • People are more likely to search their go-to for finding the best suitable lawyer. According to a Google Consumer Survey, 96 percent of people use a search engine for seeking legal services.
  • 69 percent of people use both smartphones and PCs for legal service research, Google Legal Services Study suggests.

Unlike pay-per-click and sponsored ads, SEO is a long-term investment that brings sustainable results. The visibility of pay per click and sponsored ads vanish after you stop paying for them, but backlinks and content on your website has a long-lasting effect; the ranking pay benefits for longer in the future.

As so many people use search engines, it makes sense for attorneys to build and develop their websites for lawyers to be easily findable online.

In simple words, potential clients use organic search to search and hire law firms. The SEO campaign is not only about building strategies but most importantly measuring the return on investment; the investment not only in terms of money but also time.

Updations in SEO strategies  

There is a need to review your goals regularly and also campaign outcomes. Like the fluctuations in the stock market due to factors of consumer behavior, Google algorithm tweaks and updates with time and requirement. That’s why the SEO strategy of your law firm needs to be updated with algorithm changes.

The growth potential of SEO is gradual but its value is compound. Pay per click and sponsored ads are best for immediate traffic, but their result is somewhat temporary and needs continuous payment. It is fair enough to say pay per click as a cost and search engine optimization as an investment.  

If you find yourself in need of internet marketing for your law firm, contact a trusted lawyers SEO agency. The SEO specialists from these agencies will help you design a tailor-made strategy that will help your rank in the organic search results and generate higher revenue and brand awareness. Simply tell them your marketing goals and they will plan everything to help you achieve your desired SEO success.

Whether you outsource SEO of your law firm to an SEO agency or you work on it yourself, you need to be sure that the actions and strategies you are imposing are getting you the desired results.