Top 12 SEO Websites and Blogs You Need to Know

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The digital marketing industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. Hence, it would be ideal to stay abreast of the latest algorithm changes and tactics you can apply. That way, you can stay ahead of the competition. 

Fortunately, there are several websites and blogs that you can follow if you want to stay updated. Here at MindMingles SEO Company India, we also read posts from the following websites to help keep us informed.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing, we suggest that you follow these top SEO websites and blogs:

1. Ahrefs

This blog covers SEO topics primarily, but on occasion, it can also branch out to other fields of online marketing.

It includes guides, case studies, and in-depth research to let businesses understand SEO’s various aspects. 

Although Ahrefs publishes posts around 1-2 posts a week, they try to focus instead on the quality rather than the quantity.

2. Moz

Anyone who wants to know more keyword research and delve deep into it will love Moz. 

Although the site is mostly famous for SEO tools like the Moz Toolbar, its blog is the show’s star. 

It’s a great blog to follow if you always want to know the latest industry news about AdWords, local and inbound marketing ideas, and even voice search.

If you want to know what digital marketers are thinking right now, then there’s no doubt that Moz is covering it. 

3. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land provides you with almost any type of content as long as it is related to search engines and emphasizes SEO primarily.

It covers news and updates related to search engines or any search engine related products. 

Moreover, it offers tips on various aspects of SEO. They also publish educational information that could come in handy for digital marketing professionals.

4. Neil Patel

Neil and the rest of his team have been explaining the ins and outs of SEO ever since 2001. In particular, his take on the Google algorithm is a must-read. 

He also has a flair for simplifying complicated SEO concepts. Hence, his advice is concrete, actionable, and easy to follow. 

The best thing about his blog is that there’s barely marketing that’s going on. Instead, it’s all about offering expertise. 

5. Search Engine Journal

There are only just a couple of search engine blogs out there that possess the authority of Search Engine Journal. 

Primarily, this is the go-to site for a lot of switched-on digital marketers. 

The blog brings in a wide array of experts under it, offering multiple viewpoints on several topics. Its staff also provides a steady stream of updates, making it an indispensable resource.

6. Backlinko

If you want to take your SEO to the next level, Backlinko is a place that you can go to if you are looking for excellent SEO methods. 

Founded by SEO expert Brian Dean, the website has developed an excellent reputation for offering valuable information.

Sure, he does not publish hundreds of posts every year. However, he always provides robust digital marketing tips and tricks like the Skyscraper Technique. And you will see him update his blog posts from time to time.

The blog also offers subtle tricks that experts can offer. It is also newsletter based, something that an SEO professional couldn’t pass signing up to. 

7. SEMrush

SEMrush is an excellent SEO blog that is worth checking out.

It provides competitive analysis tools along with a powerful blogging platform. 

Both SEO and marketing professionals can share their thoughts, expertise, opinions, and a lot more. Moreover, posts and articles are also published if they get to be approved by editors.

That way, you are assured of the posts’ quality. 

8. SEO by the Sea

This blog focuses on analyzing how search engines work. 

SEO by the Sea usually talks about search engine patents, allowing them to deep dive into how Google and Bing work. That way, their audience can understand better how they can improve their website.

SEO by the Sea also delves into the search engines’ records to provide the latest news and analyze the latest ranking criteria

9. Yoast

This Dutch company is a sophisticated SEO blog that provides practical perspectives on real-life problems. No wonder why Yoast is popular among companies that offer SEO services in India.

Yoast is a widely successful plug-in on WordPress that’s founded by Joost de Valk. The company’s blog is more than useful these days, and you’re using WordPress, then this is something that you shouldn’t miss.

10. Search Engine Roundtable

Another tool that made it to our list is the Search Engine Roundtable.

This is a highly reputable resource for SEO news. Most of their content is also focused on updates and announcements made by search engine companies like Google.

It’s an excellent blog to check if you want to know about the latest SEO news to likely impact your SEO strategy.

11. Google Webmaster Central Blog

If you want to learn more about Google algorithm updates, why not learn directly from the source?

The blog states that it’s the “officials news for crawling and indexing” updates from Google. Moreover, it rolls out regular updates that can impact your search rankings and optimization tasks.

12. SEO Book

Although some blogs that we have listed have a much broader focus and go far beyond SEO, SEO Book tackles explicitly relevant SEO issues.

Moreover, these sometimes go more in-depth and beyond the technical side. That’s why this is excellent for website owners who already know the SEO basics. 

Over to You

While SEO is not necessarily rocket science, it is not a quick study either. You need to stay informed of the latest digital marketing trends and algorithm updates. Otherwise, you will be left behind.

If you care about your website’s search engine performance, it would be best to follow the websites listed above. You can pick a thing or two from their guides, apply it, and see your website will perform. Regardless, it would be best that you know where you can get the latest SEO news so you can update existing strategies when needed.