Learn How to Copy Table Schema Without Data in SQL Server

copy table schema without data in SQL Server

SQL Server users work with various database components like Tables, Views, Functions, Triggers, Stored Procedures, etc. Sometimes, users may want to copy only table schema from one SQL Server to another. Since you’re here, we assume you are looking for a quick solution to accomplish:

1. How to copy table structure without data in SQL Server?
2. Which is the right solution to copy table schema?
3. What steps should be followed to move table schema from source to destination server?

These are the main questions that get the user’s attention when moving table schema without data in SQL Server.
But, you need to not worry, your requirements are going to be fulfilled here, as this blog highlight a simple and reliable solution to transfer database schema from one server to another server. This method is simple, fast, and easy-to-use.

Before going to the solution let’s see a user query to understand the scenario more clearly:

“Hello there, I have a database that has grown to about 30 GB, now I want to upgrade my SQL Server version. Therefore, I need to copy only SQL table schema without data from source server to another destination. Can anyone help me and suggest a simple solution to perform this task efficiently? Sincerely grateful for any advice.”

As you analyze the above query, the user is so confused about how to copy only database schema in SQL Server.
Well, in this section, we will discuss the simplest and fastest method that will help you to perform this task in a hassle-free manner.

Trouble-Free Way to Copy Table Schema Without Data in SQL Server

As we know, there is no direct manual method available to move database schema from one server to another. Henceforth, it is recommended by the technical experts to use the PCVITA SQL Database Recovery software.

This tool is capable to transfer SQL table schema without data in just a few simple clicks. Moreover, it can recover the permanently deleted database objects & tables records and display them in red color, so that it can be easily recognizable by the users. It also gives an option to export the recovered database to an existing database or as a new database in the destination server.

Now, follow the steps to copy table schema from one SQL Server to another

Step 1. Download and Launch SQL Database Recovery tool in your system and click on Open to load the database file (.mdf file).

Select .mdf file

Step 2. Select a Scan mode (either Quick or Advance). Choose the SQL Server version of the selected .mdf file and hit Ok button.

Choose Scan mode

Step 3. After that, preview the database components which you want to copy, and then click the Export button.

preview data

Step 4. To copy only database schema in SQL server select export to SQL Server database option. Choose the SQL Server Names by clicking on the drop-down arrow and then select the Authentication mode.

select export option

Step 5. Here, select either Create New Database or Export To Existing Database option.

select destination database

Step 6. The software will fetch the databases and let you select the database components which you want to copy.

select database component

Step 7. Now, choose Export with only Schema option, it will export the database with only schema of selected tables, procedures, etc. and finally press the Export button to start the process.

select with only schema option

Why Choose this Software to Copy table Schema without Data

1. Simple Working Process: This utility comes with a simple user interface so that users can access it without any technical knowledge.

2. Compatible with Windows: You can easily run this software on every version of the Windows Operating system.

3. No need for External Support: You do not need to install any other application to copy database schema from one SQL Server to another. This software is fully standalone and able to perform the task in itself.

4. Free Version Available: You can download the free trial version of the software to check the working ability of the tool.

5. Safe & Secure: The software is competent in maintaining data integrity during the process.

The Final Words:

Sometimes, you might experience the need to copy only database schema from one server to another. This simple task might require a lot of effort if you do not know the right procedure. So, here we have mentioned a simple and quick method in a detailed manner that will resolve all the problems faced by users while moving table schema without data in SQL Server. You can try this solution without any worry as there is no chance of data loss in this software.