Netflix vs Amazon Prime Vs Hotstar : Choose the Best One


 I’ll start NetFlix, Amazon Prime video, Hotstar these three streaming services you all know. I’m sure many of you are staying at home and streaming some movie or TV series or the other. So with no enter a lock down inside I decided why not compare these three streaming services talk about the pros and cons and find out which one of them is the most bang for the buck. 

Netflix VS Amazon Prime Video VS Hotstar

So let’s kick things off by comparing their Regional catalog first. We’re going to compare the regional movies. This is where Amazon Prime interior shines. We have a lot of grateful. He’s here across many different languages Hindi Tamil Telugu Meera T Bengali. Kannada of Punjabi Malayalam and good jockey. It’s a nice mix of old and new movies on Prime video mile. It’s better than anything Netflix has to offer lean. In fact people Netflix has tried to come up with original movies. And Rachel languages will my experience. They have always fallen short of meeting expectations about star on the other hand has a much more limited value of but they feel that it is better than Netflix in the sea life.

Now when it comes to religion TV series hot start Takes the Cake we have a bunch of Life TV channels to choose from with a huge selection of daily soaps. If you are thinking of being a cord cutter and you have someone at home wasn’t.

David finally the Soaps then hostile becomes a must have however when it comes to hot star Originals, the choices are fairly limited are not really that great Netflix and Amazon Prime have much better offerings secret games and measure for original TV series that I think everyone knows. Oh, okay. So moving on from Regional to International content. Again, Amazon Prime has a really good selection here wide varieties of films both old. Are you and then keep on adding new and exciting ones like parasite. And yes, the oscar-winning parasite is streaming on Amazon Prime movies seem to be a sore point for Netflix. It’s got a lot of movies including Netflix originals that it continues to shove down your phone and trust me I’ve seen most of them are on the other hand, which means that all Disney and Pixar movies are available through the platform. 

TV series and fix Takes the Cake they have some of the best ones that are hearing right now. In fact, man watching the latest season of money Heist now and it’s so good. Anyways coming back Netflix has a wide variety of shows you from satirical works like the good least comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and of course a lot of our stranger things the haunting of well house and The Walking Dead are all excellent watches on top of that is Netflix originals, like black mirror and altered come and it’s going to Anime or otherwise animated content Netflix has a pretty decent collection of those two switching the Amazon Prime.

We have a vast selection of older TV shows here psyche and The Mentalist still a great watch speaking of your offerings. We have ones like young Sheldon and Amazon’s Moon champ Ryan and finally with hot star. We have some premium content including HBO Original Series Game of Thrones Westward. They’re all here on hot star on top of that Star Wars fans like me would love that with distributors. 

The Mandalorian can now be streamed on Hotstar. Okay. So now that we have seen what movies and TV shows these platforms carry. Let’s leave a look at how they perform on our smartphones as well. As on the biggest screen looks wise Netflix is the best. It’s slick. It’s faster. The entire user experience here is very polished Amazon Prime on the other hand has kind of a detailed look to it. But the fact that it gives more information about what I’m about to watch like IMDb rating simply plays of in class makes it my favorite another Thing if you’re streaming these apps to a smart TV the Netflix tends to Auto Play Movies and TV shows and that’s something that annoys me but you Netflix has its ready-made issues as well. The skip intro button is an absolute Game Changer that even Amazon Prime video is now starting to adopt not start. Well, the less said about it the better. It’s got a lot of work selling from not remembering where we last left off. He straight up crashing. We’ll just trying to navigate the next episode the UI here is a piece also last time when I Just ran into a problem, which is hot Circle. He found out that even changing fast. It doesn’t sign you out of all devices. How to download hotstar videos

Plan Differences of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Hotstar

So what this means is if someone manages to get hold of your credentials once you may never be able to kick them out of your hot star account again, finally we come down to the price. Well, we have different tiers for Netflix the cheapest ring the mobile option at 899 rupees a month. It gives us access to only for a TV content on a mobile or tablet screens the video quality here isn’t really worth it. If it’s not too much of a stretch there not infer the 649 or a month plan gets us HD and alteration streaming respectively.

Let’s also a separate profiles which means even if you share an account with let’s say other members of your family, you can still have your own separate living space and you can start off directly from I had left any or TV series becoming too hot star. Well, they’ve increased the Reeds Ware-fare building after the introduction of Disney plus so we now have two tiers the sleepless hot star VIP subscription that cost to be 339 for years. So that’s a very small 34 of this increase in price. And then we have the flag shamelessly plus monster premium subscription as now costs $2.99 a month 1.99 per year. That’s a 500 rupee increase from the previous nine nine nine four year. And finally we have Amazon Prime video. It costs 429 rupees a month, but it comes with a lot of extra goodies like free next-day delivery from Amazon Amazon music now so Prime read  Through the Amazon Kindle love you.

 So which one of these three is the best but that comes down to the type of shoes you prefer Love HBO and Disney movies or whatever region late. So he’s hot star. Is there option love watching. These shows are maybe some money to the Netflix would be perfect for you. But for the vast majority of you just want to watch some quality entertainment and you aren’t too picky about the UI or the TV show if it’s still hearing or not. Then Amazon Prime Video has a voice Most varied library at the cheapest price. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind being 999 for the video Services alone. But with Amazon Prime delivery and all of the services tab don’t do it. I think Prime video is a great deal and that’s really it for my recommendations. Now, I want to know yours which one of these streaming platforms is your favorite.

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