Tinder Clone: 7 Fascinating Facts About Tinder App

Tinder app clone

Ok, so what exactly is the Tinder app? Simply speaking it is just another online shopping website. It’s just that here you aren’t shopping for goods but human beings instead. That’s right, it might sound odd but it’s the reality of this application. People create their accounts with their best photographs and positive description of their personalities. Thus, begins their journey of finding the best person that matches their requirements among the millions of options. Fascinating? In this article, we are going to discuss the most interesting facts about the Tinder application along with the upcoming Tinder app clone.

Besides a powerful native app, Tinder now also provides a progressive web app to expand its customer reach. The Tinder PWA has a smaller data usage than its regular app on the mobile phone and loads immensely fast.

How does the Tinder app work?

Presently, this application is the most popular dating application on the planet. The total downloads across all platforms have crossed 100 million. This business is worth around $ 1.6 billion. All this data proves that how many humans are addicted to this game style dating application. Just like any other shopping platform, you are greeted with millions of options each with its pros and cons. Now, you decide to shortlist the best for you and “swipe right.” Swiping right is the system prompt to accept a person. If the other person does it on your profile too, then you get a match and Tinder enables the personal chat option for further intimidation.

So, it’s time to learn more about the Tinder app clone and other fascinating facts about the Tinder application.

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1. Presence of a unique rating system

The tinder developer team has finally completed its unique rating system. The idea of this system is unique but the development process was full of hassles. This system rates a profile based on how the viewer interacts with it. It takes into account how long a person views a photo and how many times. Tinder analyses and stores all the data carefully. They later use it to make future suggestions for possible matches. This process might seem odd but it helps to shortlist the possible options amongst the millions. A writer at Fast Company was the first to disclose data about this rating system. Tinder app clones will have a hard time implementing this system.

2. Ladies with Shallow Mentality

We often have heard “Heart rules over external looks.” But that isn’t how Tinder works. A study suggests that 56.3% of women swipe right on profiles that have pictures with shining bodies. What about the formal attire photos? Only 32.9% of women on Tinder prefer men with formal attire. This might act as a great motivation for men to hit the gym and work on their physical fitness. The fact is that most of the people on this platform are looking for casual hook-ups. The prospective of a serious relationship on tinder is as shallow as the mentality of the people here. But, will Tinder app clone follow this Tinder science as well?

3. Female Attire preference

We have talked a lot about female preferences. But, what about the male preference? Well, it’s just the opposite. Ladies might prefer bare bodies over formals. But men still stick to females with formal attire photos. Profiles with fewer clothes or bold outfits are swiped less than those with formal attire. And, the rate of discretion is a steady 19.5%. Now, this is interesting, as it says a lot about the opposing mentalities of people on this platform. Tinder app clone has a lot of ground to cover to keep up with the original application.

4. Specific Time to get the best result

People might think that Tinder is all about just launching the app and start swiping but, that’s not it. There are certain specific details that you need to follow to get the best possible outcomes. The best time to get swiping is in the evening specifically around 9 pm. This is the time when people get back from work after a tough day and casually browse through Tinder profiles. Moreover, the app is more active on weekdays compared to weekends. So, this data will surely help you to elevate your swiping game.

5. Value of Education in Tinder Dates

Tinder is all about looks? Not actually. According to a study, 96% of users choose educational qualifications as one of their key requirements while choosing the match. So shining bodies aren’t everything after all. Even Tinder proves that the brain is more attractive than a shining body. So, men need to devise their plans to prove that they are witty enough to get the attention of any lady on Tinder.

6. History of Tinder

We have talked a lot about the people on tinder. But what about the app itself? Well, a very interesting fact is that this application originated in China. In the initial days, it was known as “MOMO”. With the global release, specifically in America, it changed its name to Tinder. But MOMO still exists as a standalone dating application in China. So, Tinder is the American version of the MOMO app. People are also wondering about the official name for the Tinder app clone.

7. Tinder app clone script

Now, it’s time to talk about the most interesting part of the article. Before we discuss this application, we must know the reason for its creation. Tinder application might seem to be the best but it isn’t perfect. The official application still has its share of flaws. So, the Tinder app clone aims to create a script that is devoid of these flaws and seems to create a perfect and enhanced environment for dating. They use the term Tinder only to help people understand their working process. They don’t have any link with Tinder by any means. This application is still in the development phase. They will soon be releasing this application to the public with their unique name.

So, in this article, we tried to understand the world of Tinder with a lot of its features and the mindset of the people on this application. Tinder app clone is a possible solution to overcome all the shortcomings that Tinder presently has. We can see the actual result after the public release. Till then, it’s all about right-swiping shiny profiles on the application. You might also get addicted to this dating game.

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