Top 8 Camera Supplies You Should Invest in as a Beginner

Camera Supplies
Camera Supplies

Photography can be a costly hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. You will require gear to capture shots that match your goals and aesthetic. But there are always ways to mitigate how much everything will cost you. The most crucial thing to remember is you don’t have to buy all the camera gear right away.

If you are just starting in photography, you must have a few pieces of the essential gears to help you enjoy the experience. Once you have improved your photography skills, you can invest in more camera supplies.

  1. Camera tripod

Regardless of whether you are shooting landscape, night streets, or even wedding scenes, you will require a tripod at some point.

A tripod is a super helpful piece of camera supplies, especially in low light settings. The stability of the tripod allows you to capture crisp long exposure shots with zero camera shake. This ability of a tripod is also critical for night sky photography and still life shots. As an amateur, it is recommended to get a tripod at a lower price range.

  • Remote shutter release

A remote shutter release is handy because it allows you to do the job without touching the camera. It eliminates the possibility of shake and blurring. It is most often used in combination with a tripod. The two kinds of remote shutter releases are wired and wireless. But it doesn’t matter which type you get. Advanced remotes have additional features such as half-press support, built-in-timers, as well as LCD screens.

  • Prime lens

Prime lenses are good to be used only with DSLRs and wireless cameras. As you improve your photography skills, you will be amassing numerous different lenses that allow you to take every kind of shot. But at the beginning, you’re better off with a single prime lens. These types of lenses don’t zoom.

Why should you purchase a prime lens? The inability to zoom can help you learn about proper composition techniques. With a fixed camera lens, you will have to plan your shots which can stretch your skills and help you improve swiftly.

  • External flash or Speedlight

All photographers will require a flash at some point. It is the case even if you don’t intend to shoot in the dark. Invest in an external flash unit, otherwise called a speed light or flashgun.

  • AA batteries and battery charger

Once you start utilising external flash, you will be using and draining batteries. Therefore, you should purchase rechargeable batteries as soon as you have committed to making photography your hobby.

  • SD memory cards

It is better to have several smaller SD cards than one massive one when it comes to photography. In this way, if a card gets corrupted, you still have a spare. There is nothing more unfortunate than being unable to shoot because your only card expired.

Make sure you purchase the right kind of SD card for your photography.

  • Camera cleaning kit

Dirt, dust, and moisture can invade the lenses and accessories of your camera. In the worst-case, your expensive camera and lenses may become permanently damaged. If you do not take care of your camera, it can be the most costly mistake you will ever make.

Unfortunately, professional cleaning for cameras can also be expensive. Because of this, you should learn how to clean your camera gear yourself properly. However, if there is a severe issue, you must take it to a professional.

  • Camera strap

When you purchase your camera, it will come with its own branded strap. But the free straps that come with cameras are often thin, lacking in design, and uncomfortable.

As soon as you have purchased all the previously mentioned gear, you must also consider buying a high-quality strap. A good strap will provide you with optimum comfort while shooting and quality.

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All these camera supplies are essential for anyone who wishes to venture into photography to have. They not only enhance your photography skills and quality but also make your experience more enjoyable.