Vlogging Camera Choosing Guide and Equipment Setting

Vlog camera

As VLOG, which records an individual’s daily life as a video, has become a trend, vlog cameras and equipment decide which one to choose from among the many products. For various user groups are steadily being released. However, you may have a lot of trouble

There are several conditions that a vlog camera that captures everyday life in video must-have. From recommending a vlog camera that meets the requirements to setting up equipment that upgrades you to high-quality video, to how to take videos for beginners in vlogs! For those who are just starting a vlog, I hope that you will take this opportunity to become a great vlogger

 Choose a vlog camera

The first condition for a vlog camera is portability! If you choose a heavy camera, you won’t take pictures because you don’t want to lift the camera. The best camera for vlogging your daily life is one you can always carry with you. That way, I can make my daily life easier and more comfortable, right?

The second condition is a full-touch LCD that can take self-portraits. Vlogs are usually shot alone Therefore, it is necessary to check by yourself whether the recording is being performed well. The 180-degree tilt or 360-degree swivel LCD LCD screen makes it easy to see how you are being captured on camera..

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

The Canon Mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II weighs about 361g (*Based on the body, excluding the battery and memory card), but it can record 4K video without loss of angle of view, and it can capture smooth video with high-speed recording at 120 frames in FHD quality. It is also very important to accurately focus the video without blurring. Canon mirrorless EOS M6 Mark 2 supports Eye detection AF, which recognizes human eyes and operates AF in real-time.

Canon EOS M200

The Canon EOS M200 best camera for filmmaking on a budget has a compact size that fits in one hand and its weight is lighter than a bottle of mineral water weighing about 266g, making it the best camera to carry around in daily life or travel. Nevertheless, it is possible to take high-quality photos by employing an APS-C sized sensor. The touch screen enables intuitive operation and convenient shooting, and the full-touch tilt LCD allows you to take selfies while viewing the shooting results on the LCD screen, making it a perfect camera for vlog shooting.

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PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Vlog PowerShot G7 X Mark III

PowerShot G7 X Mark 3. It is a small camera that fits easily in the hand, but it is convenient to operate, light weight, and it records daily life with warm colors without correction. It can capture high-quality video.

Canon EOS M50

EOS M50 vlogger camera

Canon mirrorless EOS M50, also called Canon YouTube camera or vlog camera, is a camera loved by many YouTubers. It is a convenient camera for video recording. The Canon mirrorless EOS M50 is equipped with a Combination IS function that reduces blur during movie shooting, and when a Combination IS compatible lens is attached, a powerful image stabilization function is performed by controlling information about lens body shake and lens tilt. For this reason, you can get clearer results by reducing the shake of the video compared to when there is a small movement of the camera, such as when you take a picture while holding the camera while walking slowly.

Increase the video quality

Vlog accessory equipment setting

What is important to a vlog shoot? It’s a shake-free video recording. Those of you with schizophrenia will agree with you a lot. If it is not intended for directing, a shaky video is hardly usable because it interferes with immersion. So how can you shoot without shaking? First, there is a way to use a product that has an image stabilization function in the camera body or lens. Most of the bundled lenses purchased with Canon cameras are equipped with an image stabilization function (IS) to help reduce image shake.

However, although the image stabilization function prevents minute vibrations during video recording, it cannot compensate for the movement of the camera itself. So, how can you shoot high-quality vlogs without shaking? The secret is equipment such as gimbals, vlog grips, and tripods.

Helps create a variety of screens

A gimbal is a shooting device that helps the camera to stop on a user-specified axis. Jiyoon Crane M2 is equipped with a total of 6 different video shooting modes, so it is recommended for vloggers who want to break free from boring videos. Since it weighs only 500g based on the main body, you can shoot with one hand, so you can shoot more comfortably in various environments such as running or low-angle shooting.

Tripod Grip HG-100TBR

Vlog camera Tripod Grip HG-100TBR

A vlog grip and a tripod Cold Shoe cannot be missing as essential items for vloggers, right? The recommended HG-100TBR is a vlog accessory that has both a vlog grip and a tripod function. When shooting a vlog, you can walk around in a grip style and take a self-portrait. You can hold the camera with one hand and rotate or tilt the camera mount horizontally or vertically for convenient selfies and portraits. In addition, it can be fixed without shaking with a tripod style or can be used for easy remote shooting. With the built-in wireless remote controller standing upright on a tripod, you can record, shutter, zoom, AF, and other remote shooting functions.

And as another way to improve the video quality, we recommend installing an external microphone.

External Microphone DM-E100

Vlog camera External Microphone DM-E100

The quality of the sound is also important because the video contains sound as well as visual. In order to record good quality video, it is recommended to connect an external microphone rather than the built-in microphone to record. Unlike the camera’s built-in microphone (omnidirectional), the 120% directional stereo microphone DM-E100 does not record ambient noise and adds a sense of space to images by capturing realistic sound.

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