What Does the UK Military Do?

What Does the UK Military Do?

The first role of any military in a country is to protect their boundaries from enemies. Well, when it comes to the British Armed Forces, there is a lot that they do. 

In this article, we mention some of the critical roles of the UK Military. You can also follow Dominic Moore to learn more about the history of the British Army.

1. Protecting the UK

As mentioned before, any military’s first and most fundamental role is to protect the dependent territories or boundaries of their respective countries. The British Army is responsible for protecting the nation and ensuring its people and resources are safe from enemies. 

The army consists of highly trained professionals and soldiers ready to be deployed anywhere for this duty. The military is always ready to serve the UK and its people in areas like bomb disposal, terrorist attack, and intelligence all round the clock.

2. Conflict prevention 

The army is responsible for ensuring there is peace and stability in a country. The British military does not just react to world events but takes a significant role in ensuring they don’t happen in the first place. The army takes the first foot in visiting places with possible conflict to prevent it from happening in the future. 

They work with other partner nations like Afghanistan and Iraq to train soldiers and offer assistance to affected countries. Currently, the British Army is supporting the fight against wildlife poaching in Africa.

3. Disaster management 

When the world is hit with disasters like drought, famine, and diseases, the UK military is always in the front line to offer humanitarian assistance to the most affected countries in Africa and beyond. For instance, the military took part in the Ebola outbreak in Africa and the hurricanes in the Caribbean.

The British army is always ready to respond to all sorts of emergencies on short notice. They have over 80,000 regular and 30,000 reserve soldiers. So the army is always ready to respond to all sorts of emergencies within the UK and overseas, ensuring the world is at peace. 

Most soldiers’ training equips them with the skills to offer disaster relief operations for the local governments and UK Government Agencies for humanitarian operations worldwide. 

4. Fighting the enemies 

The British Army is a war-fighting institution, and they are forever dedicated to tackling UK enemies with commitment. The soldiers can respond to any potential adversary ensuring the country is always safe. 

While fighting enemies, the British Army can act independently or invite their key allies like the US, NATO, and France. Most operations by the UK are normally conducted independently. 

The 3rd UK Division comprises over 27,000 soldiers with over 3500 vehicles and forms the backbone of the army’s response to a threat on the nation. 

This division is mandated to overcome all threats across a full spectrum of operations. This division pulls together Air, Maritime, and Cyber domains during its operations. This ensures their success in every operation because they have all the resources and personnel at their disposal.