What is Acronis Cyber Cloud and How It will Protect Customers?

Acronis Cyber Cloud

Let’s Discuss about Acronis Cyber Cloud and It’s New Features, that how it will protect customers.

Acronis Cyber Cloud What’s New

Acronis Cyber Cloud



  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Essentials Edition (per-workload).
  • Standard Edition (per-workload).
  • Advanced Edition (per-workload).
  • Backup Cloud Standard Edition (per-GB and per-workload).

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud becomes an add-on

Pricing changes

  • Per-workload changes.
  • New – Acronis Hosted Cloud Storage included Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud (per workload).

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Every workload is different — servers, thin clients, or labs — don’t need backup and recovery. However, every workload needs cyber protection.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Essentials Edition

More than just an antivirus solution

Vulnerability assessment: Quickly identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they become an issue.

Patch Management: Schedule or deploy patches for Microsoft and third-party software.

Exploit prevention: Prevent attacks from happening with memory protection, return-oriented programming protection, code injection protection and privilege escalation protection.

Antimalware and antivirus protection: Protect your clients in real-time with AI-based static and behavioural heuristic antivirus, antimalware, anti-ransomware, and anticryptojacking detection.

URL filtering: Protect machines from drive-by downloads and advanced threats by blocking access to malicious URLs.

Remote desktop: Remotely connect and manage your clients’ machines right from the console.

Cloud file-based backups With the Essentials edition, receive 5 GB of free Acronis Hosted Cloud Storage

Offers More Value For Service Providers

Upgrade clients’ security: Offer the protection your clients need such as antivirus and antimalware protection, patch management, vulnerability assessments and more.

Experience immediate savings: Protect more workloads and decrease costs by consolidating vendors and switching to a solution that fits clients’ needs.

Generate new revenue: Protect more workloads and clients with an integrated solution that helps you deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient, and secure way.

Acronis Cyber Cloud and It Protect Customers

Acronis Cyber Cloud provides crucial protection for individuals as well as businesses to keep the data secured.

As cybercrimes are increasing in the digital world, your sensitive data and privacy are vulnerable. A technical breach can make you lose data and bring huge losses.

You need to keep the data, information and system in a safe environment. And if faced any disaster, data should be back up quickly.

Acronis Cyber Cloud not only provides advance virus protection but also backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Cyber protection is more than essential; hackers are always looking for an opportunity to steal data from a system with weak


For robust protection as well as backup, you can rely on Acronis as it provides integrated, efficient and reliable security to customers globally.

Read along as this post covers everything you need to know about Acronis from features to protect and benefits to customers.

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What is Acronis Cyber Cloud?

With Acronis Cyber Cloud’s platform, a service provider can quickly, efficiently and securely deliver cyber protection.

In one solution, a service provider and its Customer can gain access to disaster backup and recoverysecurity and management also AI anti-malware protection.

With one single console, you can sync and share files. There are blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature services available.

Protection to Customers: Acronis Cyber Cloud Features

Acronis Cyber Cloud delivers data protection, cybersecurity and backup using its integrated proactive, active and reactive capabilities. Some of its notable features and tools which ensure top-notch security are:

  • Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams Protection.

It provides antivirus and anti-malware protection so you can stream your conferences safely.

  • Wipe devices remotely.

If your data or device get into wrong hands, you can wipe all the data in it remotely instead of letting it accessed by wrong hands.

  • Desktop Enhancements.

To access files or apps on offices when you’re working from home, get a secured link with end-users.

  • Protection Plans predefined.

Protect clients and office works remotely by quickly choosing predefined protection plans. It saves time and ensures faster protection.

  • Voice Control.

Where safety is a priority in this pandemic, now you can control Acronis console without any physical touch. Help client’s machine without touching it.

  • An Enhanced URL filtering.

Enable you to choose which categories users have access to when browsing the web. Manage employee productivity.

  • User Access permissions.

Secure data by ensuring permission to selected users to access the data. Read-only user permissions help to secure clients’ accounts within the organization.

  • An Enhanced password policy.

It identifies your password and compares with lead and wrong password database, suggests you strengthen your password practices.

All the Services Included in Acronis Cyber Cloud

  • Protect Cloud.

It offers integrated backup and recoveryanti-malware protection, remote desktop access, tools for security and management.

  • Backup Cloud.

It is the #1 hybrid cloud BaaS for any virtual, physical and cloud environment.

  • Disaster Recovery Cloud.

It is built on Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud and provides turn-key DRaaS for virtual and physical workloads.

  • Files Cloud.

You can sync and share files with uncompromised security and with flexible storage options.

  • Notary Cloud.

It offers blockchain-based file notarization, e-signing and authenticity verification.

  • Infrastructure.

This is a brandable and multi-purpose SDS solution in a cost-efficient way.

Why Customer Should go for Acronis Cyber Cloud?

  • It can backup and scan in a non-endpoint environment ensures malware-free restoration. Also, it can detect rootkits and boot kits to reduce any loads on machines.
  • It prevents recurrence of virus infection, ensuring safe recovery based on anti-malware scanning and detection capabilities.
  • It minimizes business process downtime, reaction time and data loss when faced any disaster natural or technical using smart protection alarms.
  • It prevents terrible patches by creating pre-update backups.
  • It provides continuous data protection so that there won’t be any data loss due to changes made between scheduled backups. You can also control your continuous auto-backups.

Support a user with a read-only role in Disaster Recovery service

It tracks and monitors the protection status of files and data distributed across your machines.