How You Can Improve Your Distance Learning with Zoom Application?

zoom application

Not every person knows about Distance or far off learning till today. There are diverse tools of video conferencing that can be used to make remote learning a lot simpler. Zoom application is one of the well-known and most popular video conferencing applications. Numerous associations utilized this application for their distant conferences. You can utilize Zoom for remote teaching moreover. You ought to follow a few video conferencing tips to make teaching more successful. You can organize query time to help the students and parents if they have any questions. Zoom additionally helps to record lessons likewise so you can listen to that lesson again and again.

The most important thing is to know what is Zoom? Zoom is a well-known video-conferencing application where you can easily organize your virtual meeting from anywhere. A video conferencing application called Zoom provides you a platform where you can arrange webinars, online business meetings, and teaching classes. The time limit is extending from 45 minutes which helps in extending the time with students.

How You Can Use the Zoom Application as A Distance Teaching Tool?

Zoom offers you lots of features that you want for your video conferencing call. Many people use zoom applications to communicate with people.

 Zoom application also helps you in distance learning:

  • Help to arrange class meetings with students
  • Help to arrange Private conferences with students and their parents
  • Helps in organizing office hours
  • Offers you to record lessons for further learning

Class Meetings with Zoom

It is very important to know about the surrounding atmosphere of the student’s house. You can arrange the class meeting once or twice a week and you must know that this virtual class meeting is not compulsory. You can use the recording feature of the Zoom application to record your class meetings for further learning. This is a good option for those students who missed the live class meeting. You can communicate with your students or you may play any game with them. The class meeting is a great way to get connected with your students if they are not able to attend the classroom.

Private Conference with Students And Their Parents Through Zoom

Some students in the classroom are weak and need extra help and support with a lesson. You can schedule a one on one conference with students as well as their parents also. You can send an invitation to the weak students and their parents after scheduling a meeting or conference.

Virtual Office Hours with Zoom

Distance learning is sometimes not suitable for a tiny group or a single student. You can organize a virtual office hour where your students can ask all queries regarding the lessons. This is the most formal way to talk about any query because you don’t need to prepare anything different in teaching. You can use different remote working tools to interact with your students. You can choose a time for your virtual office hour to 30 minutes to one hour every day and then test the success of office hours. If numerous students ask their queries and the time is less then you can extend your virtual office hour as per the need.

Record your lessons with Zoom

Zoom provides you a feature to pre-record your lessons for your students and also you can present flipbooks in Zoom by the feature of sharing screen. Learning lessons with a flipbook is very interesting because it contains images; audio, video, etc. and it changes pages gradually. You can create your Flipbook with the help of FlipHTML5 (Mango animation Maker).

To make remote learning more successful, you may use remote working tools like Zoom which help you to share a screen with your students and they can learn their lesson easily through Flipbooks.

You can improve your distance learning with zoom by using these tips. But to make these tips more successful you need to fulfill some requirements such as you should use the best internet connection so that there will no interruption in delivering the lesson. You may choose a wired connection because they are far better than wireless.

You can also send the course material to the students. If you are teaching online, you can send a PDF to your students before starting a class. But avoid sending study material in the mid of the class because it will delay the class and it can be confusing to students. If the students get their study material in advance, they can study the lesson and when you screen share it, the students will be well-known and ready to learn the lesson.

You need to be perfect in online teaching. Practice makes perfect so you will improve with time. Once you make yourself perfect in the art of distance teaching, you can train others to do the same job.